“In the Bedroom” quotes

Movie In the Bedroom
Title In the Bedroom
Year 2001
Director Todd Field
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Frank meets a mysterious woman by chance and it's love at first sight. She's older than him and has two kids, moreover she has just divorced from her violent and jealous husband. When the man learns about her new relationship, he kills Frank. The victim's family takes revenge.
All actors – Tom Wilkinson, Sissy Spacek, Nick Stahl, Marisa Tomei, William Mapother, William Wise, Celia Weston, Karen Allen, Frank T. Wells, W. Clapham Murray, Justin Ashforth, Terry A. Burgess, Jonathan Walsh, Diane E. Hamlin, Camden Munson, Christopher Adams, Henry Field, Deborah Derecktor, Harriet Dawkins, Bill Dawkins, Kevin Chapman, Joseph Field, Harold Withee, David Blair, Elisabeth McClure, Alida P. Field, Andrea Wright, John Campanello, Robert Demkowicz, Veronica Cartwright, Daran Norris, Don Lewis, Doug Rich, Sara Armstrong, Elly Barksdale, Erin Barksdale, Adah Holman, Gwendolyn Gilchrist, Shauneen Grout, Jessie Lanoue, Alicia Laplant, Iris Leslie, Erica Towle-Powers, Nichole Wimbiscus, Anna Winsor, Evanne Weirich, Robin Wimbiscus, Lisa Carlton, Rebecca Benner, Francis Mazzeo, Tyler Shane Smith-Campbell, Brian Hagley, Sam Cousins, Jackie Hagley, Comenic Cuccinello III, Ronald Russell, Rachel Freeman, Dale Johnson, Daniel Hendricks, Parker Spear, Sam Johnson, Matthew Maxwell, Shyann Gauthier, Joshua Mills, Bethany Berry, Eric Rahkonen, Hope Berry, Natalie Russell, Chelsea Peasley, Misty Seekins, Daniel Baxter-Leahy, Philip Spearing, Brandon Carleton, Mackenzie Tucker, Owen Thompson, Ben Staples, Ryan Ecker, Jared Mekin, Tom Cumler, Jennifer Struk
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