“Jaws 2” quotes

Movie Jaws 2
Title Jaws 2
Year 1978
Director Jeannot Szwarc
Genre Horror, Thriller
Plot – In the waters surrounding the island of Amity, once infested by a ferocious giant shark, an even bigger and meaner shark appears a few years later. Although an underwater photographer and two holiday-makers have already disappeared, the only one to believe in the existence of the shark is police chief Martin Brody. Considering that the island is full of tourists whose escape would damage trade and local speculation, Amity authorities decide to dismiss Brody because of his alarms. The shark, however, exists and the chief's two sons and their friends, recklessly out at sea in their boats, are likely to end up in its mouth. Although formally powerless, Brody bravely takes control of the situation, faces the shark that is besieging its young victims and electrocutes it by making it bite a submarine power cable.
All actors – Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Joseph Mascolo, Jeffrey Kramer, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Ann Dusenberry, Mark Gruner, Barry Coe, Susan French, Gary Springer, Donna Wilkes, Gary Dubin, John Dukakis, G. Thomas Dunlop, David Elliott, Marc Gilpin, Keith Gordon, Cindy Grover, Ben Marley, Martha Swatek, Billy Van Zandt, Gigi Vorgan, Jerry M. Baxter, Jean Coulter, Daphne Dibble, Christine Freeman, April Gilpin, William Griffith, Gregory Harris, Coll Red McLean, Susan O. McMillan, David Owsley, Allan L. Paddack, Oneida Rollins, Frank James Sparks, Thomas A. Stewart, David Tintle, Jim Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Herb Muller, Fritzi Jane Courtney, Alfred Wilde, Cyprian R. Dube, Mary A. Gaffney, Bill Green, George Buck, Michael Smith
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  • “- Bob: Look at her. Well?
    - Larry: She's got, tits like a sparrow.
    - Bob: Do you, have to talk like that?
    - Larry: What are you, my mother?”

    Billy Van Zandt - Bob
    David Elliott - Larry Vaughn
    [Tag:breast, language]
  • “- Brody: Maybe they're right... I'm tired... I'm tired... Too damn tired...
    - Ellen Brody: Too damn drunk. That's what you are, too damn drunk.”

    Roy Scheider - Brody
    Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
  • “- Sean: What's after Cable Junction?
    - Bob: The Atlantic. Then Ireland.”

    Marc Gilpin - Sean
    Billy Van Zandt - Bob
    [Tag:europe, ocean]
  • “- Select Woman: Good morning. Selling some more of the good life?
    - Ellen Brody: Oh, yeah... Piece of this, piece of that - it all adds up.”

    Fritzi Jane Courtney - Select Woman
    Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
  • “- Brody: I mean what is it about this place? Everybody's a boat freak.
    - Ellen Brody: It's an island.”

    Roy Scheider - Brody
    Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
    [Tag:islands, ships]
  • “- Ellen Brody: Listen, do me a favour. Act as if you've been here the whole time.
    - Brody: How do I do that?
    - Ellen Brody: Just look bored.”

    Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
    Roy Scheider - Brody
    [Tag:boredom, disguise]
  • “- Timmy: Who are you going to ask next?
    - Doug: Tina Wilcox.
    - Timmy: Ed's girlfriend... You're crazy!
    - Doug: It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes the most beautiful girls are the loneliest.
    - Timmy: That's a crock of shit!
    - Doug: I know!”

    G. Thomas Dunlop - Timmy
    Keith Gordon - Doug
    [Tag:beauty, solitude]
  • “- Brody: I think we've got another shark problem.
    - Mayor Vaughn: Are you serious?
    - Brody: You bet I'm serious.”

    Roy Scheider - Brody
    Murray Hamilton - Larry Vaughn
    [Tag:animals, problems]
  • “- Ellen Brody: That's your third smoke already!
    - Brody: With coffee...
    - Ellen Brody: Try a donut.”

    Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
    Roy Scheider - Brody
    [Tag:coffee, smoking]
  • “- Brody: I mean, it's obvious that a big fish took a bite out of... this big fish.
    - Dr. Elkins: This is a mammal. Not a fish.
    - Brody: Don't quibble with me! Is it a shark bite or isn't it?
    - Dr. Elkins: Possibly. But then again this is a killer whale, it would have to be a shark of considerable size.”

    Roy Scheider - Brody
    Collin Wilcox Paxton - Dr. Elkins
  • “- Ed: Lets do it next week!
    - Tina: With you everything is next week!”

    Gary Dubin - Ed
    Ann Dusenberry - Tina