“The Swarm” quotes

Movie The Swarm
Title The Swarm
Year 1978
Director Irwin Allen
Genre Horror, Thriller
Plot – General Slater and Major Baker rush to a Texas secret military base after an inexplicable warning signal. There they find everyone dead except six men. Inside the base they find Brad Crane is still alive too. He has been studying for a long time a swarm of killer bees and the soldiers are ordered to follow Crane's commands. Walter Krim, a scientist, prepares a vaccine and testes it on himself but dies, then Slater and Baker decide to act by themselves. Houston is destroyed but the swarm is unscathed. Fortunately Crane has a good idea to stop them.
All actors – Michael Caine, Katharine Ross, Richard Widmark, Richard Chamberlain, Olivia de Havilland, Ben Johnson, Lee Grant, José Ferrer, Patty Duke, Slim Pickens, Bradford Dillman, Fred MacMurray
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