“Kissing Jessica Stein” quotes

Movie Kissing Jessica Stein
Title Kissing Jessica Stein
Year 2001
Director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Jessica is a tender but neurotic New York journalist. She's disappointed by men and answers to an intriguing ad. She meets Helen Cooper, a fascinating and intellectual hippy, and Jessica likes her indeed, so they start to date. A relationship without the typical pre-established roles proves to be hilarious and romantic at the same time.
All actors – Jennifer Westfeldt, Tovah Feldshuh, Esther Wurmfeld, Hillel Friedman, Ben Feldman, Robert Ari, David Aaron Baker, Jennifer Carta, Ben Weber, Brian Stepanek, Nick Corley, Jackie Hoffman, John Cariani, Scott Cohen, Christopher Berger, Hayden Adams, Kevin Sussman, Jim J. Bullock, Heather Juergensen, Alysia Reiner, Carson Elrod, Michael Mastro, Tibor Feldman, Michael Showalter, Michael Ealy, Naomi Scott, Jon Hamm, Allen Fitzpatrick, Julie Lauren, Jimmy Palumbo, Thomas L. Bolster, Vinny Vella, Peter Hirsch, Idina Menzel, Adele Reichman, Amy Wilson, Ilana Levine
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  • “No offense. I mean look at you. Who wouldn't want to have sex with you. I mean I'd do you.”

    Jennifer Westfeldt - Jessica Stein
  • “- Helen Cooper: You can't possible know who you are or how you'll respond to something until you try it.
    - Jessica Stein: I happen to disagree. I happen to think that if you know yourself well, you can gauge how you're gonna react to something. And I pretty much assure you that I will never be made happy by chanting for spiritual enlightenment.”

    Heather Juergensen - Helen Cooper
    Jennifer Westfeldt - Jessica Stein
  • “I can't sleep at night because I feel that there is so much to do and fix and change in the world, and I wonder every day if I am making a difference and if I will ever express the greatness within me, or if I will remain forever paralyzed by muddled madness inside my head.”
    Jennifer Westfeldt - Jessica Stein
    [Tag:doubt, fear, wonder]
  • “- Helen Cooper: It's just like kissing a guy.
    - Joan: No it's not.”

    Heather Juergensen - Helen Cooper
    Jackie Hoffman - Joan
  • “I've wept on every birthday I've ever had because life is huge and fleeting and I hate certain people and certain shoes and I feel that life is terribly unfair and sometimes beautiful and wonderful and extraordinary but also numbing and horrifying and insurmountable and I hate myself a lot of the time.”
    Jennifer Westfeldt - Jessica Stein
  • “You're a terrible liar, it's one of your best qualities.”
    Heather Juergensen - Helen Cooper
    [Tag:liars, lies, quality]
  • “- Helen Cooper: Some people smoke pot, some people bungee jump, some people chant. What do you do to be happy?
    - Jessica Stein: Nothing. I'm not.”

    Heather Juergensen - Helen Cooper
    Jennifer Westfeldt - Jessica Stein