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Dale Adam
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Dale Dye
October 8, 1944
North American
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Dale Dye movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Dale Dye quotes
  • “Roosevelt is like a young second lieutenant: ambitious, often overreaching, frequently insubordinate, brash... but, successful - this time.”
    Dale Dye - Col. Leonard Wood
  • “I enjoy taking off the uniform once in a while, especially when I get a chance to do some comedy.”
    Dale Dye
  • “Acting will always be just one of the variety of careers I’m working on at any given time. It’s fun, it’s important, and it helps pay the bills.”
    Dale Dye
  • “My goal in coming to Hollywood was to change the way war movies were made.”
    Dale Dye
  • “- Theodore Roosevelt: Leonard, you already know you're going. Why not at the head of the wildest mad cap regiment since the Mongols rode the Steppes?
    - Col. Leonard Wood: Theodore, do you know that you're mad?
    - Edith Roosevelt: Well, it's never bothered him before...”

    Tom Berenger - Theodore Roosevelt
    Dale Dye - Col. Leonard Wood
  • “- Col. Robert F. Sink: If they come by here y'all remember to smile for the camera. Got to keep the morale up for them folks back home.
    - Richard Winters: Why?
    - Col. Robert F. Sink: Damned if I know.”

    Dale Dye - Col. Robert F. Sink
    Richard D. Winters - Himself