“O.C. and Stiggs” quotes

Movie O.C. and Stiggs
Robert Bernard Altman directed this movie in 1985
Title O.C. and Stiggs
Year 1985
Director Robert Altman
Genre Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
All actors – Daniel Jenkins, Neill Barry, Jane Curtin, Paul Dooley, Jon Cryer, Laura Urstein, Victor Ho, Ray Walston, Donald May, Carla Borelli, Stephanie Elfrink, Amanda Hull
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  • “- Gramps: If you're gonna be hanging around the house, I need to know two things.
    - Nurse: What are those?
    - Gramps: Can you make huevos rancheros?
    - Nurse: Oh, I can manage that.
    - Gramps: Good. Now, what's your story on menopause, huh?
    - Nurse: I always pause for men, Harry.”

    Ray Walston - Gramps
  • “- Stiggs: Ok, Ms. Bunny! Number 1, we want zero miles to the gallon.
    - O.C. : Right. No MPGs. It has to be a vulgarly inefficient mode of trasnportation.
    - Stiggs: Loud, real loud. It has to generate a terrifyingly sismic field of noise. If we could combine really loud noise with the ugliness of poverty, we'd have the ideal car.”

    Neill Barry - Stiggs
    Daniel Jenkins - O.C.
    [Tag:cars, noise, vulgarity]
  • “- Stiggs: What do you, like, do?
    - Pat Coletti: Basically, I drink. And I make a lot of money.
    - Stiggs: I mean, what kind of work do you do, that you can do, really wasted?
    - Pat Coletti: Hog couture, boys.
    - Stiggs: Hog couture? How's that?
    - Pat Coletti: I manufacture clothes for fat women.”

    Neill Barry - Stiggs
    Martin Mull - Pat Coletti
  • “She's real frail and introverted, she likes to dance to ballet and play her harp. We thought she'd be happier with a... machine gun.”

    Daniel Jenkins - O.C.