“Return to Oz” quotes

Movie Return to Oz
Title Return to Oz
Year 1985
Director Walter Murch
Genre Horror, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mystery
Plot – Dorothy Gale has just returned home from Oz and has yet to recover. Her worried parents take her to doctor Worley, who treats her with electroshock. As a result, the clinic catches fire and Dorothy finds herself back in the world of Oz, but this time everything has changed. This is not exactly a children’s movie or, if you want to consider it as such, it is a scary one: without the singing and dancing, it does not have anything to do with its predecessor, the 1939 Victor Fleming movie. As a matter of fact, the best things in this movie are the bad guys.
All actors – Fairuza Balk, Nicol Williamson, Jean Marsh, Piper Laurie, Matt Clark, Michael Sundin, Tim Rose, Sean Barrett, Mak Wilson, Denise Bryer, Brian Henson, Stewart Larange
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  • “- Lead Wheeler: You'll be sorry for treating me like this! I'm a terrible person!
    - Tik-Tok: I am only a machine. So I can not be sorry or happy, no matter what happens.”

    Pons Maar - Lead Wheeler
    Sean Barrett - Tik-Tok
  • “You will be rather attractive... one day. Not at all beautiful, you understand, but you have a certain... prettiness. Different from my other heads. I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready, and then I'll take it.”

    Fiona Victory - Mombi III
    [Tag:beauty, head, killing]
  • “- Jack Pumpkinhead: If his brain's ran down, how can he talk?
    - Dorothy: It happens to people all the time, Jack.”

    Stewart Harvey-Wilson - Jack Pumpkinhead
    Fairuza Balk - Dorothy
  • - Dr. Worley: And how did you come back from... Oz?
    - Dorothy: With my ruby slippers.
    - Dr. Worley: How did they work?
    - Dorothy: You put them on and you click your heels three times, and you say: "there's no place like home".

    Nicol Williamson - Dr. Worley
    Fairuza Balk - Dorothy
    [Tag:magic, traveling]
  • “- Gump: The last thing I remember is walking through the forest and hearing a loud noise. Now, here I am flying through the air. What am I anyway?
    - Dorothy: You're a... a thing, with a Gump's head on it. We built you and brought you to life so you can take us to the Nome King; to rescue the Scarecrow.”

    Stephen Norrington - Gump
    Fairuza Balk - Dorothy
    [Tag:caring, rescue]
  • “I have always valued my lifelessness.”
    Sean Barrett - Tik-Tok
  • “The clinic was hit by lightning and it burned to the ground. Everybody was rescued, except Dr. Worley. He ran in to rescue his machines.”
    Piper Laurie - Aunt Em
    [Tag:accident, death, fire]