“The Exorcist III” quotes

Movie The Exorcist III
Title The Exorcist III
Year 1990
Director William Peter Blatty
Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery
Plot – In Georgetown, Jesuit Father Karras fell down the stairs of the house of the possessed girl he was exorcising, because Evil possessed him. Fifteen years after this incident, the policeman Kinderman, who had been Father Karras' great friend, is very puzzled because one atrocious crime follows another in the city. They seem perpetrated by a single criminal mind and they seem connected to each other by a possible "religious" link. The other option is to recognize in them the same pattern perpetrated by Gemini, a killer sentenced to death 15 years earlier. A priest acquainted with Kinderman is killed in the hospital; another is murdered in the confessional while listening to a strange old woman; a black boy and a nurse are tortured to death. The hypothesis that takes shape is that the killer, who was electrocuted, reincarnates in the distraught catatonic psychiatric clinic's patients. This apparently happens thanks to a madman who lives there, chained in a cell. Between telepathy, possessions and orders to kill, Kinderman closes the case, at the risk of becoming mad after reciting a sacrilegious "Creed" to Evil, but saving himself at the last minute by shooting the man in chains. After these events the spirit of Father Karras finally finds peace.
All actors – George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller, Nicol Williamson, Scott Wilson, Nancy Fish, George DiCenzo, Don Gordon, Lee Richardson, Grand L. Bush, Mary Jackson
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