“The Rescuers Down Under” quotes

Movie The Rescuers Down Under
Title The Rescuers Down Under
Year 1990
Directors Hendel Butoy, Mike Gabriel
Genre Drama, Crime, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation, Mystery
Plot – An Australian boy called Cody finds an extremely rare golden eagle tied to a rock on a cliff. While he is cutting the rope, Cody falls down the cliff, but the eagle saves him. An evil poacher, Percival, tied the eagle to capture the animal and destroy its eggs, so it will be precious. The eagle gives Cody a golden feather, but when Percival sees it, he forces the boy to tell where the bird’s nest is. Two mice, Bianca and Bernie, will save Cody.
All actors – Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor, John Candy, Tristan Rogers, Adam Ryen, George C. Scott, Douglas Seale, Frank Welker, Bernard Fox, Peter Firth, Billy Barty, Ed Gilbert
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