“Riding The Bullet” quotes

Movie Riding The Bullet
Title Riding The Bullet
Year 2004
Director Mick Garris
Genre Horror, Thriller
All actors – Jonathan Jackson, David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, Barbara Hershey, Erika Christensen, Barry W. Levy, Jackson Warris, Jeffrey Ballard, Peter LaCroix, Chris Gauthier, Robin Nielsen, Matt Frewer
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  • “One more life or death seems pretty insignificant in the greater planetary scheme of things.”
    Jonathan Jackson - Alan Parker
    [Tag:death, life]
  • “Don't you want to see me before I die?”
    Barbara Hershey - Jean Parker
    [Tag:death, wishes]
  • “I'm not going to lie to you, son: Your mother's a vegetable. She's fucked... And so are you.”
    Mark McConchie - Dr. Shustek
    [Tag:death, mother]
  • “Fun is fun. And done is done. Nobody lives forever, but we all shine on.”
    Peter LaCroix - Mature Alan
  • “- Alan Parker: I've gotta see my mom in the hospital.
    - Hippie Guy: Oh, shit. Is she sick?
    - Alan Parker: No, she hangs out there. Pulls out a few tricks for a couple of bucks. Kind like a hobby.”

    Jonathan Jackson - Alan Parker
    [Tag:hospital, mother]
  • “- Archie Howard: Little Hector Passmore over here passed out as soon as he saw a little blood in the water.
    - Hector Passmore: I didn't pass out. I just felt a little woozy is all. I'm a pacifist man. I don't dig the sight of spilled blood.”

    Robin Nielsen - Archie Howard
    Chris Gauthier - Hector Passmore
    [Tag:blood, pacifism, sight]
  • “- Hector Passmore: Show him the picture. He sold it to the school paper.
    - Archie Howard: I got 25 bucks man!
    - Alan Parker: Are you going to split it with me? I mean it is my naked ass in the paper.”

    Chris Gauthier - Hector Passmore
    Robin Nielsen - Archie Howard
    Jonathan Jackson - Alan Parker
  • “How do you cut yourself shaving in the fucking bathtub? That's just fucking clumsy. Who shaves in a bathtub anyway? Only chicks take baths.”

    Chris Gauthier - Hector Passmore
    [Tag:accident, beard, girl]