“Valentine” quotes

Movie Valentine
Title Valentine
Year 2001
Director Jamie Blanks
Genre Horror, Thriller
Plot – A nerdy guy is the victim of his four classmates who mock him at the dance school for Valentine's Day. Ten years later, he's a fascinating successful man, but the hatred for his former schoolmates is unchanged. The girls are still friends and looking for love, so he decides to take his revenge the day before Valentine's Day, the same day of a funeral of a dear friend.
All actors – Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Marley Shelton, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica Cauffiel, Katherine Heigl, Hedy Burress, Fulvio Cecere, Daniel Cosgrove, Johnny Whitworth, Woody Jeffreys, Adam Harrington, Claude Duhamel, Wyatt Page, Benita Ha, Paul Magel, Haig Sutherland, Adrian Holmes, Ty Olsson, Daniel Boileau, G. Patrick Currie, Jo-Ann Fernandes, Alex Diakun, Karina Carreck, Aaron Dudley, Dalias Blake, Chris Webb, Basia Antos, Carla Boudreau, Vanessa Volker, Joel Palmer, Sarah Mjanes, Brittany Mayers, Kate Logie, Chelcie Burgart, Chelsea Florko, Sterling McKay, Kendall Saunders, Chad Barager, Noel Fisher, Cody Serpa, Mark Mullan, Tammy Pentecost, Tyler Vradenburg, Caroline Chan, C. Ernst Harth, Marshall Virtue
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