“Spaced Invaders” quotes

Movie Spaced Invaders
Title Spaced Invaders
Year 1990
Director Patrick Read Johnson
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Five aliens are traveling on their spaceship to conquer a planet called "Sun". They land on a quiet town of the United States, where a lively little girl accidentally meets them. The "invaders" create messes all around and don't complete the mission, while the child understands it's better to send them back to their planet.
All actors – Douglas Barr, Royal Dano, Ariana Richards, J.J. Anderson, Gregg Berger, Wayne Alexander, Fred Applegate, Patrika Darbo, Tonya Lee Williams, Ryan Todd, Barry O'Neill, Adam Hansley
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  • “They're not really bad, they're just... stupid.”

    Ariana Richards - Kathy
  • "Prepare to die, Earth scum! Prepare to die, Earth scum!". I'm gonna make sure they carve that on your tombstone!
    Tony Cox - Pez
    [Tag:alien, earth, threat]
  • “Let me sum up the entire situation in a nutshell: there are five of us, and four billion of them. They have Strategic Air Command, nuclear powered submarines, and John Wayne. We have this.”

    Tommy Madden - Giggywig
    [Tag:alien, war, weapons]
  • “Look, when a vastly superior alien culture comes all this way to take over your world, certain basic laws of planetary conquest apply. For example, when someone points a Quad Vectored Hypo Thermic Cosmo Blaster at you, it's a fair bet you are about to become toast.”
    Tommy Madden - Giggywig
  • Kids, 3D and driving don't mix.”
    Kevin Thompson - Blaznee
  • “- Captain Bipto: We did win, didn't we?
    - Blaznee: No, but if we think fast enough we might just live to lie about it.”

    Jimmy Briscoe - Captain Bipto
    Kevin Thompson - Blaznee
    [Tag:lying, winning]
  • “- Mrs. Vanderspool: Allright children, look both ways before crossing the street.
    - Giggywig: If only Captain Bipto had known!”

    Patrika Darbo - Mrs. Vanderspool
    Jimmy Briscoe - Giggywig
  • “- Dr. Ziplock: Do something, you're the pilot!
    - Blaznee: How about if I eject?”

    Debbie Lee Carrington - Dr. Ziplock
    Kevin Thompson - Blaznee
    [Tag:escape, flying]
  • “- Blaznee: Just for the record...
    - Enforcer Drone: I'm listening.
    - Blaznee: I thought this was a badidea.
    - Enforcer Drone: Just for the record, you'd better hope not.”

    Kevin Thompson - Blaznee
    Patrick Read Johnson - Enforcer Drone