“Tales from the Hood” quotes

Movie Tales from the Hood
Title Tales from the Hood
Year 1995
Director Rusty Cundieff
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller
All actors – Clarence Williams III, Joe Torry, De'aundre Bonds, Samuel Monroe Jr., Wings Hauser, Tom Wright, Anthony Griffith, Michael Massee, Duane Whitaker, David Alan Grier, Brandon Hammond, Rusty Cundieff
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  • “The only spooks I'm afraid of are the ones with guns.”

    Roger Guenveur Smith - Rhodie
    [Tag:fear, weapons]
  • “- Shot Little Girl: I didn't do anything! I was just playing in my room, and a bullet from your gun came through the wall.
    - Crazy K: A bullet don't got a name on it! You was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!”

    Tasha Johnson - Little girl who gets shot
    Lamont Bentley - Crazy K
  • “What's the matter, Jerome? You don't like seeing black people get killed? But isn't that what you've been doing all your life? You know, Jerome, Cain was the world's first murderer. He slayed his brother. And how many brothers have you slayed?”
    Rosalind Cash - Dr. Cushing
  • “You need to be scared, Mr. Metger. Them dolls didn't want him there. They don't want you there. Now you'd best get out before you wind up just like him. Or worse.”
    Art Evans - Eli
    [Tag:danger, risk]
  • “You are responsible for the lives you've taken. For the dreams you've turned into nightmares.”
    Rosalind Cash - Dr. Cushing
  • “- Bulldog: If we're dead then what are we doin' in a funeral home with your crazy ass?
    - Mr. Simms: This ain't no funeral home! It ain't the Terror Dome, neither! Welcome to Hell, motherfuckers!”

    Samuel Monroe Jr. - Bulldog
    Clarence Williams III - Mr. Simms
    [Tag:death, funeral, hell]
  • “Those assholes are cops. Who the fuck are you to judge 'em? Shit, man, you got a green dick. Those two guys have been risking their asses on the street for years.”

    Michael Massee - Newton
  • “- Stack: How am I supposed to kill something that's already dead? That's like killin' some shit twice, man.
    - Ball: Yeah, like some refried beans 'n some shit. Man, I never understood that, man. Why the fuck you gonna refry some beans, man? Why not just fry that shit right the first time, and get out?”

    Joe Torry - Stack
    De'aundre Bonds - Ball
  • “I don't think you can reform those types. No - you just kill them.”

    Clarence Williams III - Mr. Simms
  • “- Newton: Damn it, man, this is no time to panic!
    - Strom: Then when the fuck do we begin to panic?”

    Michael Massee - Newton
    Wings Hauser - Strom
    [Tag:danger, fear, time]
  • “Death. It comes in many strange packages.”
    Clarence Williams III - Mr. Simms