“Dracula: Dead and Loving It” quotes

Movie Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Mel Brooks directed this movie in 1995
Title Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Year 1995
Director Mel Brooks
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Plot – 1893. Thomas Renfield is a lawyer who doesn't care of the local citizens warnings and ventures to the castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania to sell him a property in London. The vampire makes Renfield his follower and travels with him to London by ship. Dracula bleeds to death the entire crew and seduces Lucy Westenra, a Mina Seaward's friend. Mina is Jonathan Harker's girlfriend and Dr. Seaward's daughter, the asylum's director. Renfield is locked there and the visits of the Count exhaust Lucy. She deteriorates visibly and despite the efforts of Van Helsing, a Seaward's friend and an occult expert, the girl dies. Harker decides to protect the dead girl, who revives and attacks him. The scientist intervenes in extremis and rejects her in the coffin, where Harker pierces her heart with a stake. When Dracula kidnaps Mina, Van Helsing, Harker and Dr. Seaward follow him in the crypt and engage a mortal combat with the monster. Eventually he's defeated by Renfield.
All actors – Leslie Nielsen, Peter MacNicol, Steven Weber, Amy Yasbeck, Lysette Anthony, Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman, Mark Blankfield, Megan Cavanagh, Clive Revill, Chuck McCann, Avery Schreiber, Cherie Franklin, Ezio Greggio, Leslie S. Sachs, Matthew Porretta, Rudy De Luca, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Darla Haun, Karen Roe, Charlie Callas, Phillip Connery, Tony Griffin, Casey King, Nicholas Rempel, Zale Kessler, Barbaree Earl Nielsen, Maura Nielsen Kaplan, Thea Nielsen Disney, Robin Shepard, Elaine Ballace, Maud Winchester, Gregg Binkley, Lisa Cordray, Cindy Marshall-Day, Ben Livingston, Anne Bancroft, David DeLuise, Ric Coy, Tommy Koenig, Michael Connors, Grinnell Morris, Vince Grant, Stephen Wolfe Smith, Richard Allen Stewart, Brad Grunberg, Carol Arthur, Derek Mark Lochran, Sonje Fortag, Ira Miller, Henry Kaiser, Kathleen Kane, Loraine Shields, David Savoy, Sharon Savoy, Audrey K. Baranishyn, Delores Nemiro, Jeffrey Broadhurst, Jim Peace, Kevin Crawford, Jodi Peterson, John Frayer, Dennon Rawles, Sandi Johnson, Sandy Rovetta, Shirley Kirkes, Alton Ruff, Manette LaChance, Blane Savage, Stan Mazin, Ted Sprague, Patricia McFarlin-Mattson, Jude Van Wormer, Anne McVey, Allen Walls
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