“The Beach Girls” quotes

Movie The Beach Girls
Title The Beach Girls
Year 1982
Director Bud Townsend
Genre Comedy, Romance
All actors – Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Keough, James Daughton, Adam Roarke, Beans Morocco, Herbie Braha, Mary Jo Catlett, Fern Fitzgerald, Tessa Richarde, Judson Vaughn, George Cheung
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  • “- Ginger: It's just a little weed. Well, maybe not such a little. How 'bout, six trash bags full?
    - Sarah: Six bags full? Like that?
    - Ducky: Don't be mad, be glad.”

    Val Kline - Ginger
    Debra Blee - Sarah
    Jeana Keough - Ducky
    [Tag:drugs, worry]
  • “I don't mean to be mean, Sarah, but just look at yourself. You don't wanna have any fun. You're a fifty-year-old teenager.”
    Val Kline - Ginger
    [Tag:old age, teens]
  • “- Scott Daniels: You're programming yourself just like a computer.
    - Sarah: Well, what's wrong with that?
    - Scott Daniels: Nothing, if you happen to be a computer. You're a real, live human being.
    - Sarah: So?
    - Scott Daniels: So follow your impulses once in a while. Be human.”

    James Daughton - Scott Daniels
    Debra Blee - Sarah
  • “- Carl Purdue: That was great!
    - Ducky: What, the grass or us?
    - Carl Purdue: Oh, I don't know. Shall we try it all over again, so I can make up my mind?
    - Ginger: What, Carl, already?”

    Adam Roarke - Carl Purdue
    Jeana Keough - Ducky
    Val Kline - Ginger
    [Tag:drugs, sex]
  • “- Capt. Blye: I admire your spirit, Captain Jack. I can say this for you, you got balls, like me.
    - Captain Jack: But I don't play with mine all the time.”

    Herbie Braha - Capt. Blye
    Paul E. Richards - Captain Jack
  • “- Carl Purdue: No thanks, I'm trying to quit.
    - Ginger: These aren't cigarettes. They don't kill you. They let you live, baby.”

    Adam Roarke - Carl Purdue
    Val Kline - Ginger
    [Tag:drugs, health, smoking]
  • “- Julie: Young man, are you popping pills?
    - Popper: I sure am. I'm a popper, she's a popper, he's a popper... wouldn't you like to be a popper too?”

    Fern Fitzgerald - Julie
    Patrick Cochran - Popper
    [Tag:addiction, drugs]
  • “We're not gonna let the killer weed fall into the innocenthands of our American youth!”
    Herbie Braha - Capt. Blye
    [Tag:drugs, youth]
  • “- Muscles: How do you like these pecks?
    - Doreen: How do you like these bushels?”

    Roger Callard - Muscles
    Tessa Richarde - Doreen
    [Tag:body, breast, flirting]
  • “- Sarah: Ginger! There's a guy and a girl in the bathroom together.
    - Ginger: Yeah?
    - Sarah: And they're doing it!
    - Ginger: How do you know?
    - Sarah: I saw them.
    - Ginger: Well, maybe they're washing each others' backs.”

    Debra Blee - Sarah
    Val Kline - Ginger