“The Sea Hawk” quotes

Movie The Sea Hawk
Michael Curtiz directed this movie in 1940
Title The Sea Hawk
Year 1940
Director Michael Curtiz
Genre History, Romance, Adventure, Action
Plot – Captain Thorpe commands a 40-gun-galleon. He is one of the bold pirates who at the end of the sixteenth century assaulted Spanish galleons on behalf of Queen Elizabeth in order to replenish the state coffers with looted gold. After sinking the ship that was carrying the Spanish ambassador, Thorpe asks for an audience with the English Queen and proposes a plan to capture the Spanish gold in the Panamanian colony. The Spanish ambassador, learning of the plan, warns the authorities, who prepare to welcome the corsair as he deserves. Donna Maria, granddaughter of the ambassador and in love with Captain Thorpe, tries to warn him of the impending danger but she fails, and on his arrival in Panama the pirate is captured along with his men. Thorpe, however, does not lose hope, organizes their escape and manages to regain possession of his ship. A triumphal welcome awaits him in England, together with a title: now he will finally be able to marry Maria.
All actors – Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Claude Rains, Donald Crisp, Flora Robson, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Una O'Connor, James Stephenson, Gilbert Roland, William Lundigan, Julien Mitchell
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  • “- Geoffrey Thorpe: Is a thief an Englishman who steals?
    - Doña Maria: It's anybody who steals... whether it's piracy or robbing women.”

    Errol Flynn - Geoffrey Thorpe
    Brenda Marshall - Doña Maria
    [Tag:pirate, thieves]
  • “To this end, I pledge you ships - ships worthy of our seamen - a mighty fleet, hewn out of the forests of England; a navy foremost in the world - not only in our time, but for generations to come.”
    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
  • “My loyal subjects, a grave duty confronts us all: to prepare our nation for a war that none of us wants, least of all your queen. We have tried by all means in our power to avert this war.”
    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
    [Tag:nation, war]
  • “You Spanish have a gift for hospitality when your guests are in chains.”
    Errol Flynn - Geoffrey Thorpe
  • Brave, but impractical. We English are a practical people. I've no intention of drowning with you.”

    Gilbert Roland - Capt. Lopez
    [Tag:courage, survival]
  • “We have no quarrel with the people of Spain or of any other country; but when the ruthless ambition of a man threatens to engulf the world, it becomes the solemn obligation of all free men to affirm that the earth belongs not to any one man, but to all men, and that freedom is the deed and title to the soil on which we exist.”
    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
    [Tag:argument, country, men]
  • “- Geoffrey Thorpe: Your ship is sinking, Captain.
    - Capt. Lopez: Then we shall drown together.”

    Errol Flynn - Geoffrey Thorpe
    Gilbert Roland - Capt. Lopez
    [Tag:danger, ships]
  • “Any unwarranted attack upon the person or property of Spanish subjects will cost the guilty party his head!”

    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
    [Tag:guilt, spain, threat]
  • “I'm not in the habit of conversing with thieves. I thought I made that quite clear, Captain Thorpe.”

    Brenda Marshall - Doña Maria
  • “The riches of the New World are limitless, and the New World is ours - with our ships carrying the Spanish flag on seven seas, our armies sweeping over Africa, the Near East, and the Far West; invincible everywhere... but on our own doorstep. Only northern Europe holds out against us.”
    Montagu Love - King Phillip II
    [Tag:ships, spain, wealth]
  • “- Don José Alvarez de Cordoba: It is extremely important that my niece is presented to the Queen before her new maids of honor are chosen.
    - Capt. Lopez: They say that Elizabeth surrounds herself with beauty in the hope that it may be contagious.”

    Claude Rains - Don José Alvarez de Cordoba
    Gilbert Roland - Capt. Lopez
  • “Never again will you dare - in my presence - to condone your crimes under the mask of patriotism.”

    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
  • “- Queen Elizabeth: You conceive it to be part of your mission to assault and loot the ship of an ambassador to the court? Captain Thorpe, do you imagine that we are at war with Spain?
    - Geoffrey Thorpe: Your Grace, Spain is at war with the world.”

    Flora Robson - Queen Elizabeth
    Errol Flynn - Geoffrey Thorpe
    [Tag:ships, spain, war]