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Movie The Heiress
William Wyler directed this movie in 1949
Title The Heiress
Year 1949
Director William Wyler
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Austin Sloper, a talented and rich doctor, is haunted by the memory of his beloved wife, who has died. His sorrow is made worse by the fact that his daughter Caterina is nothing like her mother: she is gentle, not beautiful nor ugly, and extremely shy. At a ball, Caterina meets Morris Townsend, a young and charming man, who immediately woos her: she falls in love with him and they decide to get married. Doctor Sloper, who knows that Morris is only aiming at his daughter's dowry, doesn't give the boy the permission to marry Caterina and persuades her to go to Europe with him. When she returns home, Caterina discovers that Morris is still waiting to marry her and, when her father warns her that Morris wants to marry her only for her money, she decides to flee with him and waive her father's heritage. Morris, though, is nowhere to be found. Caterina, disappointed, doesn't forgive both Morris and her father, she even does not pay her dad a visit when he's on his deathbed. Morris finds out about Sloper's death and that Caterina is now free and rich, and he once again intends to marry her. She will pretend to accept but then refuse at last.
All actors – Olivia de Havilland, Montgomery Clift, Ralph Richardson, Miriam Hopkins, Vanessa Brown, Betty Linley, Ray Collins, Mona Freeman, Selena Royle, Paul Lees, Harry Antrim, Russ Conway, David Thursby, , Nan Boardman, Jack Chefe, Marcel De la Brosse, Ray De Ravenne, Lester Dorr, Arthur Dulac, Franklyn Farnum, Sam Harris, Donald Kerr, Louise Lorimer, Sherri Morse, Una Mortished, Harry Pipe, Albert Pollet, Loulette Sablon, Ralph Sanford, Douglas Spencer, Bobby Taylor, Dorothy Vernon
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