“Brief Encounter” quotes

Movie Brief Encounter
Title Brief Encounter
Year 1945
Director David Lean
Genre Drama, Romance
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Plot – A young lady who lives with her husband and their two children in a small town goes to the neighboring town every week on the same day to get things done and make visits. During one of these trips, she casually meets a young surgeon who practices in a nearby city. The two feel attracted to each other and, after spending a few hours together, agree to meet again the following week. Thus the two become friends and their friendship becomes a passion that threatens to ruin two lives and two families, since the doctor is also married. However, they are both pure souls that are repulsed by the idea of lying to their spouses and betraying their trust. Their conscience stops them just in time: the doctor decides to take a job in South Africa, where he will relocate with his family; she returns repentant to her husband, who loves her and whom she has never stopped loving.
All actors – Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway, Joyce Carey, Cyril Raymond, Everley Gregg, Marjorie Mars, Margaret Barton, Wilfred Babbage, Alfie Bass, Wallace Bosco, Sydney Bromley, Nuna Davey, Valentine Dyall, Irene Handl, Dennis Harkin, Edward Hodge, Jack May, Avis Scott, George V. Sheldon, Richard Thomas, Henrietta Vincent
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  • “- Dr. Alec Harvey: Could you really say goodbye? Never see me again?
    - Laura Jesson: Yes, if you'd help me.
    - Dr. Alec Harvey: I love you, Laura. I shall love you always until the end of my life. I can't look at you now cause I know something. I know that this is the beginning of the end. Not the end of my loving you but the end of our being...” (continue)
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    Trevor Howard - Dr. Alec Harvey
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
  • “Nothing lasts really. Neither happiness nor despair. Not even life lasts very long. There'll come a time in the future when I shan't mind about this anymore, when I can look back and say quite peacefully and cheerfully how silly I was. No, no, I don't want that time to come ever. I want to remember every minute, always, always to the end of my...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
  • “Women are frequently rather neurotic creatures and the hospital atmosphere is upsetting to them.”
    Valentine Dyall - Stephen Lynn - Alec's 'Friend'
    [Tag:madness, women]
  • “There should be a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Musical Instruments.”

    Trevor Howard - Dr. Alec Harvey
  • “- Fred Jesson: Come and sit by the fire in the library and relax. You may help me with the Times crossword.
    - Laura Jesson: You have the most peculiar ideas of relaxation.”

    Cyril Raymond - Fred Jesson
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
  • “- Dr. Alec Harvey: I do love you, so very much. I love you with all my heart and soul.
    - Laura Jesson: I want to die. If only I could die...
    - Dr. Alec Harvey: If you'd die, you'd forget me. I want to be remembered.”

    Trevor Howard - Dr. Alec Harvey
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
  • “- Dr. Alec Harvey: Forgive me?
    - Laura Jesson: Forgive you for what?
    - Dr. Alec Harvey: For everything. For meeting you, in the first place. For taking the piece of grit out of your eye. For loving you. For bringing you so much misery.
    - Laura Jesson: I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me.”

    Trevor Howard - Dr. Alec Harvey
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
    [Tag:forgiveness, love]
  • “Do you know, I believe we should all behave quite differently if we lived in a warm, sunnyclimate all the time. We shouldn't be so withdrawn and shy and difficult.”
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
    [Tag:behavior, weather]
  • “It's awfully easy to lie when you know that you're trusted implicitly. So very easy, and so very degrading.”
    Celia Johnson - Laura Jesson
    [Tag:cheating, lies, trust]
  • “- Fred Jesson: You've been a long way away.
    - Laura Jesson: Yes.
    - Fred Jesson: Thank you for coming back to me.”

    Celia Johnson - Fred Jesson
    Cyril Raymond - Laura Jesson
    [Tag:leaving, return]