“Garbo Talks” quotes

Movie Garbo Talks
Sidney Lumet directed this movie in 1984
Title Garbo Talks
Year 1984
Director Sidney Lumet
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Estelle is a harmless prisoner fond of Greta Garbo. When she learns the actress has a brain tumor and has only six months to live, she decides to meet her at any costs.
All actors – Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Hicks, Steven Hill, Howard Da Silva, Dorothy Loudon, Harvey Fierstein, Hermione Gingold, Richard B. Shull, Michael Lombard, Ed Crowley
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  • “- Estelle Rolfe: I wanna meet Garbo!
    - Gilbert Rolfe: Why?
    - Estelle Rolfe: Why shouldn't I? I'm dying!”

    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    Ron Silver - Gilbert Rolfe
    [Tag:death, meeting]
  • “- Gilbert Rolfe: Are you the man who took photographs of Greta Garbo?
    - Angelo Dokakis: She can't sue - I stood 50 feet away. You can't deprive a man of his livelihood.”

    Ron Silver - Gilbert Rolfe
    Howard Da Silva - Angelo Dokakis
  • “If your head's in the toilet, don't blow bubbles.”
    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
  • “I never should have lent my name to this fiasco!”

    Hermione Gingold - Elizabeth Rennick
  • “- Esmeralda: Estelle, our contract is up the first of the year. They want to raise us from 7.10 an hour to 7.90. None of us knows what to do? I mean, we do not make waves.
    - Estelle Rolfe: Make waves.
    - Esmeralda: We don't want to start something.
    - Estelle Rolfe: Start something.
    - Esmeralda: Okay!”

    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    Antonia Rey - Esmeralda
    [Tag:payment, trouble]
  • “- Bernie Whitlock: What are you looking for? We're all looking for something.
    - Gilbert Rolfe: You're not going to believe me. I'm looking for Greta Garbo.”

    Harvey Forbes Fierstein - Bernie Whitlock
    Ron Silver - Gilbert Rolfe
    [Tag:actors, research]
  • “- Jane Mortimer: Hi! I'm going for a sandwich. Do you want to come?
    - Gilbert Rolfe: I probably should tell you, Jane - I'm married.
    - Jane Mortimer: I just invited you to eat a sandwich.
    - Gilbert Rolfe: Oh, eh, okay.”

    Catherine Hicks - Jane Mortimer
    Ron Silver - Gilbert Rolfe
  • I turned on the TV. They were playing "Queen Christina". That close-up of you at the end, I thought it would never end. I mean it just went on and on and on. Oh, God, how I hated you. I really hated myself. I thought if I looked like you, if I had that face, if I had those eyes, I wouldn't be so alone.

    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    [Tag:envy, movie]
  • “I think elevators are very sexual. Don't you? I have this fantasy that I'm in an elevator, all alone with this man, that I've never met before in my life. And he just keeps staring at me. All of the sudden, he reaches out and he touches my breasts.”

    Catherine Hicks - Jane Mortimer
    [Tag:breast, dreams, sex]
  • “Walter and I got a divorce. The world's a crazy place to live in, isn't it? He thought I was eccentric.”
    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    [Tag:divorce, world]
  • “I saw her once, last summer, walking along the beach. She was wearing a big hat and sunglasses and a long flowing cape. Yeah, she was, she was walking along in a light rain, without an umbrella. I don't think anybody even knew who she was. Then, all of the sudden, she just, ahm, disappeared into a house and I never saw her again.”

    Harvey Forbes Fierstein - Bernie Whitlock
  • “You know, I know everybody's got to die, but I really thought I was gonna be the first exception.”
    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    [Tag:death, exception]
  • “Do you care anything about basketball? The Knicks are out of the playoffs and I'm not entirely happy about that. The world is full of injustices. They either bother you or they don't. Me, they bother.”
    Hermione Gingold - Elizabeth Rennick
  • “I don't know. You love somebody. You have a child. And then it's over. Why? I don't know. It's crazy.”
    Anne Bancroft - Estelle Rolfe
    [Tag:children, end, love]