“Troll 2” quotes

Movie Troll 2
Title Troll 2
Year 1990
Director Claudio Fragasso
Genre Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Plot – A quiet American family goes on holiday to Nilbog. The littlest child has been warned by his grandfather's ghost not to go. In fact, the town and its inhabitants hide a terrible secret.
All actors – Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie Young, Robert Ormsby, Deborah Reed, Jason Wright, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman, David McConnell, Gary Carlston, Mike Hamill
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  • “- Joshua Waits: Grandpa! Are you really in Hell?
    - Grandpa Seth: No! But I know a trick that a friend of mine who went there taught me!”

    Michael Paul Stephenson - Joshua Waits
    Robert Ormsby - Grandpa Seth
    [Tag:friends, hell]
  • “- Joshua Waits: Don't tell me they ate him, Grandpa!
    - Grandpa Seth: That's exactly what happened... with a voracity than has no equal on Earth!”

    Michael Paul Stephenson - Joshua Waits
    Robert Ormsby - Grandpa Seth
    [Tag:eating, relatives]
  • “- Elliott Cooper: I'm the victim of a nocturnal rapture. I have to release my lowest instincts with a woman.
    - Holly Waits: Release your instincts in the bathroom.
    - Elliott Cooper: Are you nuts? You tryin' to turn me into a homo?
    - Holly Waits: Wouldn't be too hard. If my father discovers you here, he'd cut off your little nuts and eat them. He...” (continue)
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    Jason Wright - Elliott Cooper
    Connie Young - Holly Waits
  • Grandpa Seth has been gone for more than six months now. You were at the funeral, and I know it was very difficult for you. It was also very difficult for your father, and for Holly, and for me his daughter.”
    Margo Prey - Diana Waits
    [Tag:funeral, grief, loss]
  • “Dear Elliot Cooper, tomorrow morning will be your final chance. The beautiful Holly Waites, or your little boys. Make a choice Elliot.”
    Connie Young - Holly Waits
  • “- Michael Waits: Do you see this writing...? Do you know what it means...? Hospitality. And you can't piss on hospitality! I won't allow it!
    - Joshua Waits: What are you going to do to me, Daddy?
    - Michael Waits: Tightening my belt one loop so that I don't feel hunger pains, and your sister and mother will have to do likewise.”

    George Hardy - Michael Waits
    Michael Paul Stephenson - Joshua Waits
  • “- Michael Waits: We left at nine thirty an hour and a half off schedule and we never saw a sign of your beau.
    - Holly Waits: Elliot is not my beau! He's my boyfriend and he told me last night that he loves me and that he wanted to come on this trip with me and my family.”

    George Hardy - Michael Waits
    Connie Young - Holly Waits
    [Tag:love, lover]
  • “- Joshua Waits: We needgrandpa Seth here!
    - Holly Waits: But how do we get him to come? By having a seance maybe?
    - Joshua Waits: You're genius big sister!”

    Michael Paul Stephenson - Joshua Waits
    Connie Young - Holly Waits
    [Tag:death, loss, need]