“Zorba the Greek” quotes

Movie Zorba the Greek
Title Zorba the Greek
Original title Alexis Zorbas
Year 1964
Director Mihalis Kakogiannis
Genre Drama, Adventure
Interpreted by
Plot – A young English writer goes to Crete to take possession of an abandoned mine that he inherited from his parents. During the trip he becomes friend with Zorba, a mysterious Greek guy. Once on the island, Zorba seduces Hortensia, a former French dancer, while the writer is attracted by a young and desired widow. Zorba organizes a ridiculously brilliant plan to reactivate the mine, so he goes to town to buy the materials. Here, however, he wastes all the money that the writer gave him, while Hortensia waits for him to marry her. The rumors that the writer was hosted in the unapproachable house of the widow spread in the village and a young man in love with her kills himself. The father of the guy kills the widow. When Zorba returns to the village, he pitifully marries Hortensia, but the woman dies soon after the wedding. The disastrous economic failure of the mine doesn’t upset the optimistic Zorba, who happily takes possession of the English writer’s reserved personality.
All actors – Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas, Lila Kedrova, Sotiris Moustakas, Anna Kyriakou, Eleni Anousaki, Yorgo Voyagis, Takis Emmanuel, Giorgos Foundas, George P. Cosmatos
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