“Baby Doll” quotes

Movie Baby Doll
Elia Kazan directed this movie in 1956
Title Baby Doll
Year 1956
Director Elia Kazan
Genre Drama
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Plot – Archie Lee Meighan, a cotton mill owner, is a middle-aged man who lives in a small southern town with Baby Doll, his child wife. According to her father's will, Archie Lee must wait for his wife to be an adult to consume the marriage. When the headquarters of the cotton cooperative founded by Silva Vacarro, Meighan's biggest competitor, is destroyed by a fire, a can of gasoline is discovered among the ruins and Archie Lee is the main suspect. Since the sheriff does not intervene and there is not enough evidence, Silva decides to investigate on his own and, in doing so, he begins to flirt with Baby Doll.
All actors – Karl Malden, Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach, Mildred Dunnock, Lonny Chapman, Eades Hogue, Noah Williamson, , R.G. Armstrong, Madeleine Sherwood, Rip Torn
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  • “Mrs. Meighan, I'm a Sicilian! You know, we're a very old race of people, an ancient race, and ancient races aren't trustful races by nature.”
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    [Tag:ethnicity, trust]
  • “- Silva Vacarro: You're a very delicate woman, Mrs. Meighan.
    - Baby Doll: Delicate? Me?
    - Silva Vacarro: There isn't much of you; but, what there is - is choice. Delectable, I might say.”

    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
  • “I believe in ghosts. In haunted places. In places haunted by the people that occupy them with hearts overrun by demons of hate and destruction.”
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
  • “I like old people. They're crazy!”
    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    [Tag:madness, old age]
  • “- Baby Doll: I'll be 20 tomorrow. Tomorrow is Election Day and my Birthday and the day that Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President for his first term.
    - Silva Vacarro: It's a great day for the country for both reasons.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    [Tag:america, birthday]
  • “I could think worse ways to spend a hot afternoon deliverin' cool well water to Miss Meighan.”
    Lonny Chapman - Rock
  • “- Baby Doll: Sometimes I don't know where to go or what to do.
    - Silva Vacarro: Well, that's not uncommon. People enter this world without instruction.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    [Tag:inability, life]
  • “Is that what they call a Mona Lisa smile you got on your puss?”

    Karl Malden - Archie Lee Meighan
  • “Just look at yourself. You're not exactly a young girl's dream come true, Archie Lee Meighan.”
    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
  • “They's no torture on earth to equal the torture which a cold woman inflicts on a man. They's no torture to compare with it!”
    Karl Malden - Archie Lee Meighan
    [Tag:men, sex, torture, women]
  • “- Silva Vacarro: I find you different this evening in some way.
    - Baby Doll: Never mind that.
    - Silva Vacarro: Grown up suddenly.
    - Baby Doll: I feel cool and rested for the first time in my life. That's the way I feel. Rested and cool.”

    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    [Tag:charm, rest]
  • “- Baby Doll: Small dogs have a loud bark.
    - Archie Lee Meighan: No one is going to whistle at any woman of mine.
    - Baby Doll: You take an awful lot for granted when you say mine. I came to you today for protection. What did I get? Slapped, sent home. Now, I'm telling you the agreement between us is over.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Karl Malden - Archie Lee Meighan
  • “- Baby Doll: I feel so weak. Oh, my head is buzzy.
    - Silva Vacarro: Fuzzy?
    - Baby Doll: Hmm. Fuzzy and buzzy. My head is swingin' round. Must have been that swingin' that done it.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    [Tag:head, sickness]
  • “Sometimes, big shot, you don't seem to give me credit for very much intelligence at all. I've been to school in my life - and I'm a magazine reader!”
    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
  • “- Baby Doll: Excuse me, Mr. Vacarro, but I wouldn't dream of eatin' a nut which a man had cracked in his mouth.
    - Silva Vacarro: You've got many refinements.
    - Baby Doll: Thank you.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
    [Tag:manners, women]