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4/19/21 at 12:01 AM
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  • “- Caliph: Where will you find the crew, Sinbad?
    - Sinbad: The bravest of my former men will sail with me.
    - Caliph: That will not be enough. Where will you find the others?
    - Sinbad: I'll find them... where men fear the headman's axe more than the cyclops - in the caliph's prison yard.”

    Alec Mango - Caliph
    Kerwin Mathews - Sinbad
    [Tag:bravery, team]
  • “- Andie: You're ashamed to be seen with me.
    - Blane: No, I am not!
    - Andie: You're ashamed to go out with me. You're terrified that you're goddamn rich friends won't approve.”

    Molly Ringwald - Andie
    Andrew McCarthy - Blane
    [Tag:fear, shame]
  • “We regret any inconvenience the sudden cabin movement might have caused, this is due to periodic air pockets we encountered, there's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight... By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”
    Julie Hagerty - Elaine Dickinson
    [Tag:ability, fear]
  • “- Ponyboy Curtis: Is the guy coming?
    - Johnny Cade: No.
    - Ponyboy Curtis: Why? Too scared?
    - Johnny Cade: Naw, too fat, man.”

    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade
    [Tag:fear, obesity]
  • - Dwight: Let's split up.
    - Brenda: Uh uh! Now wait a minute, hold up! How come when anytime this scary shit happens, and we should stick together, you white people always say "let's split up"?

    David Cross - Dwight
    Regina Hall - Brenda