• “- Dr. Dyson Ido: Have a look at your original cyber core. This your brain. A normal, healthy teenage girl’s brain. If there is such a thing. But this is your heart. Heart of your original core. Powered by an anti-matter micro reactor.
    - Alita: So I’ve got a strong heart.
    - Dr. Dyson Ido: You have a heart strong enough to power all of Iron City for years. This is lost technology. Nobody’s made this stuff since before The Fall.
    - Alita: Yeah, right. So I’m three hundred years old?
    - Dr. Dyson Ido: Sweetheart, you are.”

    Christoph Waltz - Dr. Dyson Ido
    Rosa Salazar - Alita
Quote details Movie (Alita: Battle Angel)

9/13/19 at 12:01 AM
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