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Movie I.Q.
Title I.Q.
Year 1994
Director Fred Schepisi
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Einstein has spent twenty years teaching and doing researches at Princeton. His intelligent niece Catherine is engaged to a psychologist, but Einstein personally takes the charge to find her niece a new love as he thinks Catherine's future could be unsatisfactory. The girl is determined to marry a genius like his uncle Albert who is fascinated by Ed, the guy who works in the local mechanic.
All actors – Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau, Lou Jacobi, Gene Saks, Joseph Maher, Stephen Fry, Tony Shalhoub, Frank Whaley, Charles Durning, Keene Curtis, Alice Playten, Danny Zorn, Helen Hanft, Roger Berlind, Arthur Berwick, Timothy Jerome, John McDonough, Lewis J. Stadlen, Jeff Brooks, Rex Robbins, Richard Woods, Daniel von Bargen, Jack Koenig, Sol Frieder, Michelle Naimo Bird, Theodore Conant, Scotty Bloch, Chet Carlin, Alice Drummond, Leo Leyden, Le Clanché du Rand, Brook Berlind, Jill Church, Greg Germann, Mary Ann Hannon
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