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9/18/11 at 8:46 AM
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  • “- Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Every time I see one of those things I expect to spot some guy dressed in red with horns and a pitchfork.
    - Captain Dan Holland: It's a monster, all right.
    - V.I.N.CENT.: A rip in the very fabric of space and time.”

    Joseph Bottoms - Lieutenant Charles Pizer
    Robert Forster - Captain Dan Holland
    Roddy McDowall - V.I.N.CENT.
    [Tag:fear, space, universe]
  • “Hey Chris it's Courtney. I'm just checking in to see if you're listening to your messages, because if you are listening to your messages, it means you were too chicken shit to hook up with Peter, which therefore means you are a loser! you are a loser!”

    Christina Applegate - Courtney Rockcliffe
  • “- Jamie Sullivan: You don't know the first thing about being someone's friend.
    - Landon Carter: I don't want to just be your friend.
    - Jamie Sullivan: You don't know what you want.
    - Landon Carter: Neither do you. Maybe you're just too scared that someone might actually want to be with you.”

    Mandy Moore - Jamie Sullivan
    Shane West - Landon Carter
  • “- Kris 'Tanto' Paronto: I never really get scared. Is that weird? Whenever bullets start to fly, I always feel protected. You know, like it's... As long as I'm doing the right thing, God'll take care of me. But that's crazy, right?
    - Dave 'Boon' Benton: Not any more than everything else you say.”

    Pablo Schreiber - Kris 'Tanto' Paronto
    David Denman - Dave 'Boon' Benton
  • “There's a lot of space out there to get lost in.”
    William Hurt - Prof. John Robinson
    [Tag:space, universe]