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6/9/11 at 4:32 PM
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  • “- Flo Addams: Maybe he won't wanna leave. He told me on a postcard he's in a grand hideout and having a swell time with his mental disorder.
    - Little John Sarto: If he ever told you that on a postcard, maybe they ought to keep him in there.”

    Ann Sothern - Flo Addams
    Edward G. Robinson - Little John Sarto
    [Tag:disease, feeling, lies]
  • “- Jack Lawrence: He was lying to me, but he made me feel good.
    - Carrie Lawrence: What do you mean he lied to you?
    - Jack Lawrence: Lied right to my face. Big-time lie.
    - Carrie Lawrence: How do you know?
    - Jack Lawrence: I'm a lawyer. People lie to me all the time.”

    Billy Crystal - Jack Lawrence
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Carrie Lawrence
    [Tag:feeling, lawyers, lies]
  • “- Sarah: You're the only actor in the world who can't lie. If you can't touch somebody you created, how can you create somebody that'll touch anybody?
    - Johnny: What are you going on about?
    - Sarah: Acting. And bringing something to life, it's the same thing. That's why you can't get a job acting, because you can't feel anything.”

    Samantha Morton - Sarah
    Paddy Considine - Johnny
    [Tag:actors, feeling, lies]
  • From the animation: Shrek
    “- Donkey: Say there's a woman who digs you, right, but you really don't like her that quick - now how do you let her down real easy so her feelings aren't hurt, but you don't get burned to a crisp and eaten? How do you do that?
    - Princess Fiona: Just tell her she's not your true love!”

    Eddie Murphy - Donkey
    Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona
    [Tag:feeling, love, truth]
  • “- Julia: Do you have a hot tub in your room?
    - Daniel Miller: No... why? Do you?
    - Julia: No! No... it's more like a... it's not even really a hot tub. Y'know, really it just has holes in it...
    - Daniel Miller: You don't have to protect my feelings. It's okay if you've got a got tub.
    - Julia: Well then I do!”

    Meryl Streep - Julia
    Albert Brooks - Daniel Miller