“A Soldier's Story” quotes

Movie A Soldier's Story
Norman Jewison directed this movie in 1984
Title A Soldier's Story
Year 1984
Director Norman Jewison
Genre Drama, Crime, War, Mystery
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Plot – In a military training camp of Louisiana, life is tense and risky every day. Sergeant Waters is the most aggressive one and he's hated by all the African-American soldiers even if he is black. One evening, he gets a terrific hangover in the local bar and he's found dead among the bushes of a suburban road.
All actors – Howard E. Rollins Jr., Adolph Caesar, Art Evans, David Alan Grier, David Harris, Dennis Lipscomb, Larry Riley, Robert Townsend, Denzel Washington, William Allen Young, Patti LaBelle, Wings Hauser
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  • “Any man ain't sure where he belong, gotta' be in a whole lotta pain.”
    Larry Riley - C.J. Memphis
    [Tag:men, pain, place]
  • “We're men. Soldiers. And I don't intend for our race to be cheated of its place of honor and respect in this war because of fools like C.J.”
    Adolph Caesar - Sergeant Waters
  • “Remember, you're the first colored officer most of these men ever seen. The Army expects you to set an example for the colored troops... and be a credit to your race.”

    Trey Wilson - Colonel Nivens
    [Tag:army, ethnicity]
  • “The worst thing you can do, in this part of the country, is pay too much attention to the death of a negro under mysterious circumstances.”
    Trey Wilson - Colonel Nivens
    [Tag:death, racism]
  • “- Captain Davenport: Let's go see Sgt. Washington, drive.
    - Corporal Ellis: Didn't go to well in there, Sir?
    - Captain Davenport: You gotta hearing problem, Colonel?
    - Corporal Ellis: No sir, I was born with big ears, Sir, my grandma had big ears, it runs in the family.”

    Howard E. Rollins Jr. - Captain Davenport
    Robert Townsend - Corporal Ellis
  • “- Private First Class Peterson: I didn't kill much. Some things need gettin' rid of. Man like Waters never did nobody no good anyway, Captain.
    - Captain Davenport: Who gave you the right to judge? To decide who is fit to be a negro, and who is not? Who?”

    Denzel Washington - Private First Class Peterson
    Howard E. Rollins Jr. - Captain Davenport