“A Thousand Acres” quotes

Movie A Thousand Acres
Title A Thousand Acres
Year 1997
Director Jocelyn Moorhouse
Genre Drama
Plot – Old Larry Cooke decides to divide his one-hundred acre estate among his three daughters, Rose - married to Peter Lewis and mother of two teenage girls, Ginny - married to Ty Smith and without children - and Caroline. This large territory in Iowa soon becomes an unsustainable weight for the women, not least in view of the contradictory relationship they have with their father. After a row in which Larry rails against his daughters, accusing them of wanting to leave him on his own, Rose finds the strength to reveal to Ginny she was abused by their father when she was 13. Larry then considers leaving everything to Caroline and is immediately sued for mental incapacity. Later on, Ginny tells Rose that she was also abused by their father. Rose's husband, drunk, has an accident with the truck and dies. Both Rose and Ginny are attracted to Jess, son of their neighbor Arnold, and they sleep with him before telling each other about it.
All actors – Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, Jason Robards, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Colin Firth, Keith Carradine, Kevin Anderson, Pat Hingle, John Carroll Lynch, Anne Pitoniak, Vyto Ruginis, Michelle Williams
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