“After Dark, My Sweet” quotes

Movie After Dark, My Sweet
Title After Dark, My Sweet
Year 1990
Director James Foley
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – Kid Collins was a boxer since he killed his rival during a match. Now he wanders throughout America looking for a job. Fay Anderson involves him in a kidnapping.
All actors – Jason Patric, Rocky Giordani, Rachel Ward, Bruce Dern, Tom Wagner, Mike Hagerty, James E. Bowen Jr., George Dickerson, Napoleon Walls, Corey Carrier, Jeanie Moore, James Cotton
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  • “She needs me, Doc. You know what that means, to have someone really need you for the first time in your life?”

    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
  • “When a man stops caring what happens, all the strain is lifted from him. Suspicion and worry and fear, all things that twist his thinking out of focus are brushed aside, and he can see people exactly as they are at last.”
    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
  • “- Fay Anderson: That door leads to a walk. At the end of the walk, there's a lane. At the end of the lane there's a highway.
    - Kevin 'kid' Collins: This door is wide enough for two people.”

    Rachel Ward - Fay Anderson
    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
  • “I'd like to correct an erroneous impression you seem to have about me. You see, I'm not at all stupid. I may sound like I am, but I'm really not.”
    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
  • “There's something inside of every man that keeps him going long after he has any reason to. For years I kept going when going didn't seem to make any sense. And now I just had to keep going. I had to have the end come.”
    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
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  • “I wonder where I'll be tomorrow. I wonder why I didn't stay where I was a week ago and a thousand miles from here. I wonder whether I shouldn't go back. They really weren't doing me much good there, it was too over-crowded, too understaffed, too hard-up for money. But they were pretty nice to me, and if I hadn't gotten so damn restless, if they...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins
  • “When I woke up this morning, i was glad. I was glad to be alive, Doc.. because I knew someone else would be glad. And people just aren't glad unless you need them. They may be nice and friendly like you or Bud. If they don't need you, they really can't be glad, they really can't care whether you're alive or not and when no one else cares... and...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jason Patric - Kevin 'kid' Collins