“Birdy” quotes

Movie Birdy
Title Birdy
Year 1984
Director Alan Parker
Genre Drama, War
Plot – Birdy is a Vietnam veteran once passionate about birds. Nowadays he's hospitalized and his only support comes from an old friend, wounded during the war like him. He still has an unfulfilled dream, that is to fly.
All actors – Matthew Modine, Nicolas Cage, John Harkins, Sandy Baron, Karen Young, Bruno Kirby, Nancy Fish, George Buck, Dolores Sage, Pat Ryan, James Santini, Maud Winchester, Marshall Bell, Elizabeth Whitcraft, Sandra Beall, Victoria Nekko, Crystal Field, John Brumfield, Joe Lerer, Alice Truscott, Ed Taylor, Irving Selbst, Steve Lippe, William Clark, James Pruett, Priscilla Alden, Howard Kinsley, Robert Diamond, Bud Seese, Ray Pili, Lawrence J. McKenna, David Kuhn, Kevin P. Kuhn, Ronald Distefano, Larry Hochman, Guy Jones, Erskine Morgan, Ramona Bajema, Maurice Frizzeli Jr., Donald Sims, Richard Mason, Charles A. Tamburro, Richard Holley, Harry Hauss, Mark Simpson, Clark Taylor, Michael Shaner, Tim Davis, Bird No. 9, Alfonso, Hobbie, Sneaky, Willey, Ace, Prince, Tiger, Bo, Budah, Chiggar, Tyko, Kelly, Red, Fantasy, Scooter, Jonathan, Monty, Horatio, No's. 1 to 84, Dennis Erectus
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