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Movie Blankman
Mike Binder directed this movie in 1994
Title Blankman
Year 1994
Director Mike Binder
Genre Comedy, Crime, Action
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Plot – Darryl is an adult with a childish character. Thanks to his abilities, he's able to turn waste materials into the most varied weird devices. Therefore, he develops a method to make bulletproof his tools and becomes a superhero. Assumed the identity of 'Blankman', Darryl puts himself to work to foil a plot against Mayor Harris. After neutralizing the enemies, Blankman impresses Kimberly, the TV reporter who has followed his exploits.
All actors – Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier, Robin Givens, Christopher Lawford, Lynne Thigpen, Jon Polito, Nick Corello, Jason Alexander, Harris Peet, Joseph Vassallo, Michael Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr.
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  • “- Darryl Walker: I have to make the world a safer place for my children.
    - Kevin Walker: Your children? You've got to be with a woman first! You've got to knock some boots, man! You're a virgin.
    - Darryl Walker: No, I'm a gentleman.
    - Kevin Walker: Obviously this is what you need to do to work through Grandma's death.”

    Damon Wayans - Darryl Walker
    David Alan Grier - Kevin Walker
  • “- Michael 'The Suit' Minelli: Now... where is the Blankman?
    [he pours hot coffee onto Mr. Stone, who sits in a wheelchair]
    - Mr. Stone: Hey, Einstein. In case you haven't noticed, this isn't a boil on my ass. I'm paralyzed from the waist down. I can't feel a thing.
    [Minelli slaps him in the face]
    - Mr. Stone: I felt that.”

    Jon Polito - Michael 'The Suit' Minelli
    Jason Alexander - Mr. Stone
  • “- Darryl Walker: Did you find the bomb yet?
    - Kevin Walker: Not the one we're looking for.”

    Damon Wayans - Darryl Walker
    David Alan Grier - Kevin Walker
  • “Ratings give me a woody.”
    Jason Alexander - Mr. Stone
  • “Ah, Blankman. I see you've finally found someone to work with who dresses worse than you do.”

    Jon Polito - Michael 'The Suit' Minelli
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