“Bound by Honor” quotes

Movie Bound by Honor
Taylor Hackford directed this movie in 1993
Title Bound by Honor
Year 1993
Director Taylor Hackford
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Three Chicanos living in East Los Angeles are bonded by common roots and by a blood covenant made in 1972. They are Miklo Velka, on parole, blond and fair-skinned and his cousins, the half-brothers Paco Aguilar, a promising boxer, and Cruz Candelaria, a talented painter. They belong to the Vatos Locos gang, bitter enemies of Tres Puntos, who are invading their territory. The Puntos get surprised and scared away during a night raid. Then, they ambush and seriously injure Cruz, who is celebrating his graduation from the Institute of Fine Arts with his girlfriend. In the confusion of the subsequent revenge, Miklo shoots and kills the Puntos leader, who had previously wounded him, losing his parole and going back to jail. Paco gets offered the choice between prison and a career in the Marines; the boy chooses the latter and, once his training is over, becomes a LAPD agent. Cruz slowly recovers from the attack, but to calm the pain he resorts to heroine, becoming addicted. And Miklo, still in jail, goes through convict friends to get in touch with the prison Chicano Mafia, called the 'Onda'.
All actors – Damian Chapa, Jesse Borrego, Benjamin Bratt, Enrique Castillo, Victor Rivers, Delroy Lindo, Tom Towles, Carlos Carrasco, Teddy Wilson, Raymond Cruz, Valente Rodriguez, Lanny Flaherty
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