“Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?” quotes

Movie Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?
Title Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?
Year 1983
Director Henry Jaglom
Genre Comedy, Romance
All actors – Michael Emil, Karen Black, Michael Margotta, Martin Harvey Friedberg, Frances Fisher, Anna Raviv, Robert Hallak, Daniel W. Fitzgerald, George Bacon, Joe Price, William Gross, Paul Williams
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  • “- Mort: She's cute how could I meet her?
    - Eli: By getting into an actual conversation with her, not by having an objective of trying to hit on her or pick her up, but just go around, behave nicely, talk to her, show an interest in her, if you genuinely have one, and behave normally.”

    Martin Harvey Friedberg - Mort
    Michael Emil - Eli
  • “I don't go picking up somebody, I just meet people naturally and talk to them naturally, if something develops it does, if it doesn't there's no way to force it to develop.”
    Michael Emil - Eli
    [Tag:attitude, meeting]
  • “Psychologically, I married my mother.”
    Martin Harvey Friedberg - Mort
  • “Life's just no what anybody had in mind. I think that's the hardest thing you get ok about, that life's just not like they told us it was going to be.”
    Karen Black - Zee
    [Tag:lies, life]
  • “- Mort: I just want to be involved, that's all I want, is to be involved.
    - Eli: You must be going there with a very negative attitude, a negative mentality, and it shows, and it projects itself in some way and they sense it, and that's why they reject you, your going there predisposed to being rejected, that's what I think.”

    Martin Harvey Friedberg - Mort
    Michael Emil - Eli
  • “You ought to relate to women in a more natural way, in a less self-conscious and pre-directed manner. You shouldn't go with a purpose of achieving this or that, you should just let the relationships develop and happen as they do by the accidental circumstances of life.”

    Michael Emil - Eli
  • “You seem to have a lot of energy and it gets stuck in your forehead... it's like thinking instead of flowing.”
    Karen Black - Zee
    [Tag:energy, thinking]