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  • “If people in this country think of Africa as a place with kids and flies swarming around their heads, then they won't understand that these people are you and you are them.”
    Don Cheadle
  • “- Spider-Man: Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?
    - War Machine: Jesus, Tony, how old is this guy?
    - Iron Man: I don't know, I didn't carbon date him. He's on the young side.”

    Tom Holland - Spider-Man
    Don Cheadle - War Machine
    Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man
    [Tag:age, old age]
  • “- Samir Horn: I've been in a lot of battles. And it may have seemed like a suicide mission at the time, but we always had a plan to come home.
    - Omar: You must be willing to sacrifice some of your pawns if you want to win the game.”

    Don Cheadle - Samir Horn
    Saïd Taghmaoui - Omar
  • “The FAA and the NTSB took 10 pilots, placed them in simulators, recreated the events that led to this plane falling out of the sky. Do you know how many of them were able to safely land the planes? Not one. Every pilot crashed the aircraft, killed everybody on board. You were the only one who could do it!”

    Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
  • “- Pearl Madison: You'll have to forgive Mr. Madison today, he's moving kinda slow. His head's hurting like it's the end of the world.
    - Guillermo: You been drinking that cheap ass burgundy, ain't you?”

    Don Cheadle - Pearl Madison
    Michael Peña - Guillermo
  • “- Eduardo Ruiz: You guys remind me of Japanese soldiers on deserted islands who still think world war two is still going on. The fact is that your government surrendered this war a long fucking time ago.
    - Montel Gordon: You know, I don't think this attitude is gonna help him in front of the judge. Eduardo, there is just one thing wrong with...” (continue)
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    Miguel Ferrer - Eduardo Ruiz
    Don Cheadle - Montel Gordon
  • “There will be no rescue, no intervention for us. We can only save ourselves.”
    Don Cheadle - Paul Rusesabagina
  • “- Buck Swope: Doesn't it scare you dealing with all those evil forces?
    - Reed Rothchild: Evil horses?
    - Buck Swope: Evil forces.
    - Reed Rothchild: Evil? No man, it's not evil. It's an illusion.”

    Don Cheadle - Buck Swope
    John C. Reilly - Reed Rothchild
    [Tag:evil, magic]
  • “If a man hasn't found something he's willing to die for, he isn't fit to live.”
    Don Cheadle - Samir Horn
    [Tag:death, living, men]
  • “Now, an initial report shows you had alcohol in your system at a level of point-two-four. Now in the good ol' US of A, one of the most lenient drunk driving countries in the world, you go to jail for driving with anything above point oh-eight. And by driving, I mean a car.”

    Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
  • - Henri Mooré: Mr. Burdett. It is a pleasure to meet you, sir.
    - Max Burdett: Oh, you're American. Hmm. Henri Mooré?
    - Henri Mooré: Ah, my name is Henry Moore. I place the thing on the "e". I felt it more appropriate to my surroundings.

    Don Cheadle - Henri Mooré
    Pierce Brosnan - Max Burdett
  • “- Ray Castro: Why are hurricanes named after women?
    - Montel Gordon: I don't know.
    - Ray Castro: Because when they arrive, they're wet and wild, and when they leave they take your house and your car.”

    Luis Guzmán - Ray Castro
    Don Cheadle - Montel Gordon
  • “Come on - three commanders. One ship. I don't think that's gonna work. There's not enough rocket fuel in the world to get those egos off the ground.”
    Don Cheadle - Luke Graham
  • “- Hugh Lang: My clients don't go to jail, Mr. Carr.
    - Avington Carr: Oh, he's going to jail. He belongs in jail. You bet your ass he's going to jail. The only question is, is he going to die in jail?”

    Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
    Peter Gerety - Avington Carr
  • “Death demands responsibility.”
    Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
  • “Let them know that if they let go of that hand, you will die. We must shame them into sending help.”

    Don Cheadle - Paul Rusesabagina
  • “- Samir Horn: You know that the Qu'ran says that if you kill an innocent person it's as if you've killed all mankind?
    - Roy Clayton: It also says that if you save a life its like you've saved all mankind...”

    Don Cheadle - Samir Horn
    Guy Pearce - Roy Clayton
  • “These days, I have not time for rallies or politics.”
    Don Cheadle - Paul Rusesabagina
    [Tag:politics, time]
  • “It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.”
    Don Cheadle - Graham
    [Tag:america, city, senses]
  • “- Samir Horn: Oh, I'm a terrorist?
    - Roy Clayton: I don't know you tell me, you've been selling them explosives.
    - Samir Horn: Oh, I sell to who can afford to buy it... like the US Government.
    - Max Archer: Only ours don't kill innocent people.
    - Samir Horn: Oh yeah they do, genius, people just usually have darker skin.”

    Don Cheadle - Samir Horn
    Guy Pearce - Roy Clayton
    Neal McDonough - Max Archer
  • “But most scripts are terrible. Most projects are bad, that's just kind of the way it is. And I'm not really attracted to those.”
    Don Cheadle
  • “I imagine it was much different in the 1970s. That was the Renaissance for black actors, albeit in blaxploitation movies.”
    Don Cheadle
  • “- Hugh Lang: You gonna shoot me? Or can I come inside?
    - Whip Whitaker: Yeah, come on inside. I'll shoot you inside.”

    Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
    Denzel Washington - Whip Whitaker
  • “- Basher Tarr: Mr. Banks. Do you know what Chuck Berry said every night before counting one, two, three, four?
    - Willy Bank: What did he say?
    - Basher Tarr: Pay me my money.”

    Don Cheadle - Basher Tarr
    Al Pacino - Willy Bank
  • “It's all part of the trade off man. Love is only such a great thing because you know what it feels like to get your heart broken. What it feels like to be alone.”
    Don Cheadle - Pearl Madison
    [Tag:heart, sorrow]