“The Pope of Greenwich Village” quotes

Movie The Pope of Greenwich Village
Title The Pope of Greenwich Village
Year 1984
Director Stuart Rosenberg
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Action
Plot – Charlie Moran is the unscrupulous cashier of a bar. He loses the job for the umpteenth time and blames his cousin Paulie who works there too. Paulie plans to force a safe with the help of a professional Irish watchmaker. The blow is going to succeed, then a policeman arrives. They get rid of him and grab all the loot. The watchmaker flees to Ireland with his part, while the two guys remain penniless again.
All actors – Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Daryl Hannah, Geraldine Page, Kenneth McMillan, Tony Musante, M. Emmet Walsh, Burt Young, Jack Kehoe, Philip Bosco, Val Avery, Joe Grifasi
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  • “- Nora: How did you let this happen to you?
    - Barney: He-he. I let my whole life happen to me.”

    Betty Miller - Nora
    Kenneth McMillan - Barney
    [Tag:life, living]
  • “Cut that out you Argentine degenerate! That's my brother's place your robbin' there. This ain't some filthy little jail in Caracas, this is A-mer-i-ca!”
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    [Tag:america, racism, theft]
  • “My Walter was as tough as a bar of iron, and he didn't get that from his father. Now, do you wanna fight, Officer? Or do you get the hell out of my house!”
    Geraldine Page - Mrs. Ritter
    [Tag:strength, threat]
  • Honest work. Let me tell ya somethin' about 'honest work'. When somebody says they got 'honest work', you know what they got? They got a shit job, that's what they got.”
    Mickey Rourke - Charlie
    [Tag:honesty, job]
  • “Hey Barney, don't eat that crap! This guy's sellinginstant hepatitis!”
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    [Tag:disease, eating, food]
  • “- Jimmy the Cheese Man: Waiting tables is what you know. Making cheese is what I know. Let's stay with what we know here.
    - Paulie: You know about making cheese? Not for nothin', Jimmy, but my mother sent me over a hunk of mozzarella from your place last week, it was no big bargain. Tough, that mozzarella and it ain't the first time I've noticed...” (continue)
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    Joe Grifasi - Jimmy the Cheese Man
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    [Tag:ability, food, job]
  • “Horses ain't like people, man, they can't make themselves better than they're born. See, with a horse, it's all in the gene. It's the fucking gene that does the running. The horse has got absolutely nothing to do with it.”
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    [Tag:destiny, horses]
  • “- Paulie: Nicky don't go for spit. 'Nose' still shines his own shoes, pop. I don't call that success.
    - Paulie's Father: Oh yeah? And what do you call it?
    - Paulie: Knowin' how to spend it. I never ordered a Brandy in my life that wasn't Cordon Bleu... I took two-hundred from shylocks, pop, to see Sinatra at the Garden? Sat two seats away from...” (continue)
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    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    Philip Bosco - Paulie's Father
  • “- Charlie: Mister. I am the Pope, this might be your church, right now I'm the Pope of Greenwich Village 'cause I got the tape, alright?
    - Bed Bug Eddie: I like you have balls. I don't get too mad at that.”

    Mickey Rourke - Charlie
    Burt Young - Bed Bug Eddie
  • “Murder rap? Nobody came within twenty feet of that yo-yo. He dived into that hole like a fucking gopher!”
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
    [Tag:danger, murder]
  • “A little whisky is good for the soul.”
    Geraldine Page - Mrs. Ritter
  • “- Barney: He's not gonna give you up, Charlie. You're family.
    - Charlie: Family, that fuckin' kid? We're third cousins.
    - Barney: Third cousins. For Italians. That's like twin brothers with the Irish.”

    Kenneth McMillan - Barney
    Mickey Rourke - Charlie
  • “- Diane: When are you going to outgrow him, Charlie?
    - Charlie: Outgrow him? I dunno Diane, Maybe WASP's outgrow people. I'm Italian. We outgrow pants, not people.”

    Daryl Hannah - Diane
    Mickey Rourke - Charlie
    [Tag:growth, italy]
  • “- Charlie: You know, you ought to get a permit.
    - Paulie: A permit? For what?
    - Charlie: To shit in the street. You eat like a horse!”

    Mickey Rourke - Charlie
    Eric Roberts - Paulie
  • “Nothing hurts as much as you think it will. You go numb... then you wrap your belt around your wrist and get to the nearest hospital.”
    Tony Musante - Pete