“Copycat” quotes

Movie Copycat
Title Copycat
Year 1995
Director Jon Amiel
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – In San Francisco, an unpredictable and elusive killer is murdering everyone. The Police Department chose an unusual couple of detectives: two women. MJ Monahan, the youngest one, is an ambitious and efficient psychologist at the Department, helped by her fellow detective Ruben Goetz. Helen Hudson, the other one, is a skillful criminal psychologist, but she suffers from agoraphobia, so she studies and works at home. She is frightened that the killer who previously was her stalker can come back at anytime with new threatens.
All actors – Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Dermot Mulroney, William McNamara, Harry Connick Jr., J.E. Freeman, Will Patton, John Rothman, Shannon O'Hurley, Bob Greene, Tony Haney, Danny Kovacs
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