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Movie Final Analysis
Title Final Analysis
Year 1992
Director Phil Joanou
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller
Plot – In San Francisco the famous psychiatrist Isaac Barr agrees to met Heather, the sister of a young woman who is in analysis with him, in order to learn more about several episodes in his patient's past. Heather is married to Jimmy Evans, who is oppressive, cynical and morally ambiguous. Nonetheless, she manages to seduce Isaac, who is convinced that his feelings are reciprocated. In the meantime, she also kills her husband, but thanks to Isaac's coordination of her defense, she is found not guilty because she suffers from pathological drunkenness (in fact, even a minimum quantity of alcohol is enough to make her lose her memory) and sent to a mental institution. Subsequently, Isaac discovers by chance that he is victim to a terrible plot concocted by Heather with the complicity of her sister Diana. Her husband's death was the result of premeditate murder. Thanks to a cunning plan, Heather manages to get away from the clinic with the intention of killing both Isaac and Detective Huggins, who by now is convinced of her guilt, but before she can succeed she dies in an accident.
All actors – Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Uma Thurman, Eric Roberts, Paul Guilfoyle, Keith David, Robert Harper, Agustin Rodriguez, Rita Zohar, George Murdock, Shirley Prestia, Tony Genaro, Katherine Cortez, Wood Moy, Corey Fischer, Jack Shearer, Lee Anthony, Derick Alexander, Abigail Van Alyn, Roger Bearde, Dihlon McManne, Tessa Koning-Martinez, Ernie Davis, Rico Alaniz, Charlie Holliday, Jeff Tanner, Jeff Smolek, John Roselius, Michael Sayles, Anna Nicholas, Erick Avari, Harris Yulin
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