“Girl” quotes

Movie Girl
Title Girl
Year 1998
Director Jonathan Kahn
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music
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Plot – The movie is based on a Blake Nelson’s novel. Andrea Marr is a top senior-year student, who’s tired of being the good girl and is looking for new experiences. Exploring Portland’s musical scene, she gets to know the singer of a rock band and falls in love with him. From this adventure and thanks to the new friends, Andrea will learn something more about life and herself.
All actors – Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flanery, Summer Phoenix, Tara Reid, Selma Blair, Channon Roe, Portia de Rossi, Christopher Masterson, David Moscow, James Karen, Rosemary Forsyth, Jay R. Ferguson
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  • “Brown. Me. Wow! It wasn't possible! Did I deserve it? I mean, twenty minutesago some guy was masturbating over me. ...Mom! I need more soap!”

    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
  • “And then, God created man. And I wanted to thank her right then and there for the snake, the apple, and the free will to mess up the entire world.”
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
  • “- Todd: If it was in your soul to do it, then fate would just take you there. And everything else was just a test to see if you were the real thing. Are you the real thing, Andrea?
    - Andrea: Yes... I am.”

    Sean Patrick Flanery - Todd Sparrow
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
    [Tag:destiny, fate]
  • “What I didn't understand was: why was this boy a part of me? What did he have that I wanted? What did he have that I needed? And why was I incomplete without him?”
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
  • “What if it was a one-night stand? Couldn't we still be friends? And if we were friends... couldn't we maybe have sex again?”
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
  • “- Cybil: I'm gonna dedicate my record to you.
    - Andrea: Why?
    - Cybil: Because you're my inspiration. Because you're everything I've ever wanted to be.
    - Andrea: Cybil, what do you mean? What am I? I'm nothing!
    - Cybil: You're everything!”

    Tara Reid - Cybil
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
  • “Dear Mr. Sparrow, thank you for having sex with me.”

    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
    [Tag:gratitude, sex]
  • “- Andrea: Todd and I have been seeing each other.
    - Kevin: Todd doesn't see girls. He fucks them.
    - Andrea: You know, that is so rude. You don't even know him. Todd and I have something very special.”

    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr
    Channon Roe - Kevin
  • - Rebecca Fernhurst: You had sex, didn't you? Well, talk to me you big slut, how was it?
    - Andrea Marr: Disappointing. I wish I'd saved it.
    - Rebecca Fernhurst: Oh, no way. You gotta get that first one over with. That way when it really counts, you're not sitting there the whole time going, "I'm not a virgin anymore, I'm not a virgin anymore".... (continue)
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    Summer Phoenix - Rebecca Fernhurst
    Dominique Swain - Andrea Marr