“Great Balls of Fire!” quotes

Movie Great Balls of Fire!
Title Great Balls of Fire!
Year 1989
Director Jim McBride
Genre Drama, Music, Biography
Plot – In 1956 the cocky young pianist Jerry Lee Lewis moves to Memphis in Tennessee to stay with his cousin J.W. Brown's family, who's a musician too, to audition with Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records and former manager of Elvis Presley. Immediately hired, Lewis gets a resounding success with his songs, which he frantically plays on the piano, exciting the younger audience but disgusting conformists and another of his cousin, Jimmy Swaggart, a celebrated preacher who urges Jerry to abandon that kind of "music of Satan", full of puns and obscene hips movements. Meanwhile Jerry Lee falls in love with Myra Gale, JW Brown's teenage daughter, who is only 13. They marry in secret and her parents resign to the fact. All the family travels to Britain on a tour. British people is outraged by Jerry Lee's marriage and the press bursts a scandal, managing to make Jerry Lee leave the country. Disapproval breaks out in the USA as well: the return home is for Lewis the beginning of a disastrous period, with a frightening descent into the charts and record sales. Even if they both love each other sincerely, they end up arguing, but finally the birth of a baby fixes everything: Jerry Lee gains his success again and claims to his cousin preacher that if he has to go to hell, he wants to go there playing the piano.
All actors – Dennis Quaid, Winona Ryder, John Doe, Stephen Tobolowsky, Trey Wilson, Alec Baldwin, Steve Allen, Lisa Blount, Joshua Sheffield, Mojo Nixon, Jimmie Vaughan, David Ferguson
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