“Backbeat” quotes

Movie Backbeat
Title Backbeat
Year 1994
Director Iain Softley
Genre Drama, Romance, Music, Biography
Interpreted by
All actors – Sheryl Lee, Stephen Dorff, Ian Hart, Gary Bakewell, Chris O'Neill, Scot Williams, Kai Wiesinger, Jennifer Ehle, Marcelle Duprey, John White, Bernard Merrick, Nicholas Tennant
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  • “- John Lennon: Listen, you! If you wanna fight someone, fight me! If you don't wanna fight, then listen to the fucking band. If you don't want to listen to the fucking band, fuck off and choke to death. Do you understand me? Do you get my meaning, mate?
    - Pimp: I can't fight you. You are wearing a dress.”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    Gertan Klauber - Pimp
    [Tag:fighting, music]
  • “- John Lennon: You heard her. She thinks I fancy you.
    - Stuart Sutcliffe: That's not what she said. What she said was she thinks we love one another.
    - John Lennon: And what did you say?
    - Stuart Sutcliffe: I might have grunted.”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    Stephen Dorff - Stuart Sutcliffe
  • “- John Lennon: You alright, Stu?
    - Stuart Sutcliffe: How do I look?
    - John Lennon: Put it this way, you'll get better. I'll always be ugly.”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    Stephen Dorff - Stuart Sutcliffe
  • “- John Lennon: Did ya shag her?
    - Stuart Sutcliffe: She's a photographer.
    - John Lennon: You'll never shag her.”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    Stephen Dorff - Stuart Sutcliffe
  • “You wouldn't pull my leg. It really is the showers you're taking us to, isn't it, Mr. Goebbels?”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
  • “We're the band. You'll be happy to know we keep our clothes on. On drums, Mr. Pete Best! On guitar, Mr. Paul McCartney. On bass, recently arrived from the dark side of the moon, Mr. Stuart Sutcliffe. And on guitar, Mr. George Harrison. He's only just on solid food. My name is Lennon, John Winston Lennon. My parents named me after Churchill, John...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    [Tag:musicians, name]
  • “C'mon, George! We're starvin'! Where are those lovely scones your mother makes?”
    Gary Bakewell - Paul McCartney
  • “- Klaus Voormann: I liked your show. You had fun.
    - John Lennon: Fun? You call that fun?
    - Klaus Voormann: What do you call it?
    - John Lennon: I call it three days and nights without sleep. I call it too long between drinks. I call it dying for a piss. I call it hard fuckin' day's night.”

    Kai Wiesinger - Klaus Voormann
    Ian Hart - John Lennon
  • “- Stuart Sutcliffe: I like the blonde but I prefer the brunette.
    - John Lennon: Blondes have more fun.
    - Stuart Sutcliffe: Says who?
    - John Lennon: Swedes.”

    Stephen Dorff - Stuart Sutcliffe
    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    [Tag:hair, like, women]
  • “- John Lennon: You don't say much, do you?
    - Pete Best: Drummers don't talk. You must have noticed that. Just might as well be deaf and dumb, drummers. When was the last time you heard a drummer say anything? See? You know why, don't you? I'll tell you why. 'Cause nobody ever fuckin' listens.”

    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    Scot Williams - Pete Best
  • - Astrid: Tell me something, John Lennon. When you are rich and famous, when you are number one, when your name is in lights and everybody wants to be your friend, when somebody asks you, "do you remember Astrid in Hamburg?". What will you say?
    - John Lennon: I'll say she was the girl I always wanted. The girl of me dreams, like Brigitte Bardot... (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Sheryl Lee - Astrid Kirchherr
    Ian Hart - John Lennon
  • “- Astrid: How can you be such an asshole?
    - John Lennon: Practice.”

    Sheryl Lee - Astrid Kirchherr
    Ian Hart - John Lennon
    [Tag:badness, practice]
  • “We're gonna be big Stu, we're gonna be too big for Liverpool, we're gonna be too big for Hamburg, we're gonna be too big for our own bloody good.”
    Ian Hart - John Lennon