“Sid and Nancy” quotes

Movie Sid and Nancy
Title Sid and Nancy
Year 1986
Director Alex Cox
Genre Drama, Music, Biography
Plot – Sid Vicious, the reckless young bassist of the british band 'Sex Pistols', gets involded by Nancy, an American drug addicted girl, in her distorted world. They have a passionate relationship under the influence of the drugs. Sid is asked by his manager to go on a tour to USA with the other Sex Pistols' members. The band has there a remarkable success, but soon they split because of continued arguments and Sid comes back to Nancy. Together they spend a few days in Paris. Back in America, Sid tries to detoxify himself and to play again in his mad way, but the public now rejects him, the detoxification fails and his humiliation is total. The couple falls deeper and deeper into the abyss of drugs until irremediable consequences. Sid is hallucinated by heroin and Nancy forces him to hit her with a knife: the girl bleeds to death and Sid is jailed. Released on bail, Sid is still haunted by Nancy's memory and re-precipitates in a madness status until he overdoses.
All actors – Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb, David Hayman, Debby Bishop, Andrew Schofield, Xander Berkeley, Perry Benson, Tony London, Sandy Baron, Sy Richardson, Edward Tudor-Pole, Biff Yeager, Courtney Love, Rusty Blitz, John Spaceley, Coati Mundi, Ed Pansullo, Vincent J. Isaac, J. Steven Markus, Anne Lambton, Sallie Anne Field, Kathy Burke, Sara Sugarman, Mark Monero, Michele Winstanley, Andy Bradford, Tom Little, Barbara Coles, Pete Lee-Wilson, Graham Fletcher-Cook, Stuart Fox, Victoria Harwood, Jude Alderson, James Snell, Niven Boyd, Miguel Sandoval, Richard W. Barker III, Patti Tippo, John M. Jackson, Peter McCarthy, Desirée Erasmus, Gloria LeRoy, Milton Selzer, Bruce J. Magrane, Stefanie Auerbach, Jeffrey Kumer, Bradley Lieberman, Tricia Bartholome, Jeanne McCarthy, John Snyder, Ron Moseley, Fox Harris, Iggy Pop, Suchi Asano, Dan Wool, Mitch Dean, Circle Jerks, Angel Dove, Sherice Prince, Kelly Louise Lynn, Sri Johnston, Jamie L. Crowe, Julie St. Claire, Raymond Rosario, Daniel Louis Rivas, Favian Xavier, Al Alu, Bob Ellis, Peyton Kirkpatrick, Jimmy Emig, Keith Morris, Alexander Folk, Dick Rude, G.J. Thomson, Lawrence Bell Jr., Rome Jefferson Jr., Cat Vicious, Alex Cox, Colin Davis, Peter Jaques, Ken Leicht, David McCarthy, Slash, Anthony Straeger, Jaynie Sustar, Barrie Wild, Del Zamora
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