“The Doors” quotes

Movie The Doors
Oliver Stone directed this movie in 1991
Title The Doors
Year 1991
Director Oliver Stone
Genre Drama, Music, Biography
Plot – When he was a child, Jim Morrison witnessed the death of an old Native American due to a car accident. He was so shocked that he is convinced to be the reincarnation of a shaman. He then studies cinema in California, he writes dissolute poems, he reads with passion Kerouac, Nietzsche and especially Blake, who strikes him with the image of the "Doors" of the barriers. In other words, it is the perception that he wants to overcome to reach infinity. For this reason, the young Morrison in 1965 starts a band with five friends called "The Doors", with whom he is soon successful. The young crowds are overwhelmed by his energetic music and his outrageous, almost obscene exhibitionism. Under LSD’s effect, he exchanges the delirious images for mystical visions in which a shaman constantly appears. He is often drunk and lascivious, mixing private and public and transforming the stage and the crowd into a kind of collective madness. In 1971, at the age of 27, Jim dies because of an overdose in Paris.
All actors – Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Frank Whaley, Kevin Dillon, Michael Wincott, Michael Madsen, Josh Evans, Dennis Burkley, Billy Idol, Kathleen Quinlan, John Densmore, Gretchen Becker, Jerry Sturm, Sean Stone, Kendall Deichen, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Rion Hunter, Wes Studi, Steve Reevis, Bernard Telsey, Bruce MacVittie, Andrew Lauer, Harmonica Fats, Kelly Hu, John T. Forristal III, Josie Bissett, Fiona, Robert LuPone, Paul A. Rothchild, John Capodice, Eric Burdon, Nellie Red Owl, Victoria Seeger, Debi Mazar, Jacqui Bell, Sergio Premoli, Mark Moses, Frank Military, Deborah Falconer, Michele Bronson, Will Jordan, Sam Whipple, Charlie Spradling, Lisa Edelstein, Erik Dellums, Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Rubin, Paul Williams, Kristina Hare, Costas Mandylor, Christina Fulton, Crispin Glover, Bernt Kuhlmann, Claire Stansfield, Karina Lombard, Christopher Lawford, Dani Klein, Laura Esterman, Deborah Lupard, Ashley Stone, Richard Rifkin, Chris Boyle, Adrian Scott, Bill Graham, Titus Welliver, Eagle Eye Cherry, David Allen Brooks, Danny Sullivan, Stanley White, Frank Girardeau, Bonnie Bramlett, Rodney A. Grant, Brad von Beltz, Hawthorne James, Csynbidium, Cirsten Weldon, Patricia Kennealy, Davidson Thomson, Leonard Crow Dog, Carmella Runnels, Keith Reddin, Billy Vera, Allan Graf, Jack McGee, Alan Manson, William Kunstler, Peter Crombie, Robert Marshall, Annie McEnroe, Tudor Sherrard, Jad Mager, Kelly Leach, Richard Rutowski, , Theresa Bell, Cindi Braun, Arthur Bremer, Cait Brennan, Kathy Brolly, Taylor Brooks, William Calley, Bob Casper, Jorga Caye, Don 'Tex' Clark, Taber Cross, Bret Culpepper, Efrain Denson, Tim Duquette, John Louis Fischer, Phil Fondacaro, Ben Gardiner, Adolf Hitler, Rich Hopkins, Lisa Joffrey, Ethel Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mike Knox, Robby Krieger, Mark Lawyer, Charles Manson, Troy Martin, Kim Meredith, Richard Nixon, Randall Oliver, John Michael Quinn, Dean Rader-Duval, Shannon Ratigan, Michael Reardon, Jennifer Robertson, Heidi Schooler, Ron Severdia, Oliver Stone, Jennifer Tilly, Mariana Tosca, John Trujillo, Gregory Tutt, Dian Van Patten, Eric J. Van Wagoner, George Wallace
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