“Beetlejuice” quotes

Movie Beetlejuice
Tim Burton directed this movie in 1988
Title Beetlejuice
Original title Beetle Juice
Year 1988
Director Tim Burton
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Adam and Barbara Maitland are a young couple living in Winter River, a small town in Connecticut. They have a cozy house with a garden and spend their days together until both die in a minor car accident. They are still "alive" in some way as they are still in the house, even if their existence is comically insubstantial. They want to come back to the habits they used to have before, but Charles and Delia Deetz - a sophisticated New York couple in search of tranquility from the city - moves there with their daughter Lydia. Unaware of the presence of the two ghosts, they buy the house and furnish it as they please, while Adam and Barbara are forced to live in the attic. As ghosts, they plan to frighten the Deetz's to let them leave their house, thanks to the help of Beetlejuice, a specialist in wizardry. The Deetz's however think to use the ghosts' tricks as an economic advantage to change Maitland's house into a sort of amusement park, but their initiative provokes the explosions of earthly and otherworldly forces that go beyond all expectations.
All actors – Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Annie McEnroe, Maurice Page, Hugo Stanger, Michael Keaton, Rachel Mittelman, Catherine O'Hara, J. Jay Saunders, Mark Ettlinger, Jeffrey Jones, Winona Ryder, Glenn Shadix, Patrice Martinez, Cindy Daly, Douglas Turner, Carmen Filpi, Simmy Bow, Sylvia Sidney, Robert Goulet, Dick Cavett, Susan Kellermann, Adelle Lutz, Gary Jochimsen, Bob Pettersen, Duane Davis, Maree Cheatham, Tony Cox, Jack Angel, Harry Belafonte, Charles Schneider
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