“Mannequin” quotes

Movie Mannequin
Title Mannequin
Year 1987
Director Michael Gottlieb
Genre Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – After doing thousands of jobs and losing them all for excess of initiative, Jonathan manages to get a job in a department store. Here he discovers a strange mannequin that comes to life when they are alone. The mannequin reveals that it is the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess of the Pharaonic era. Jonathan, thanks to the beauty of the mannequin, makes the department popular and arouses the jealousy of competitors, who first try to pass him off as crazy and then destroy the mannequin.
All actors – Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey, Carole Davis, Steve Vinovich, Christopher Maher, Meshach Taylor, Phyllis Newman, Phil Rubenstein, Jeffrey Lampert
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