“Mean Creek” quotes

Movie Mean Creek
Title Mean Creek
Year 2004
Director Jacob Estes
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – In a small Oregon town, Sam confesses his elder and very protective brother Rocky that every day, after school, he's beated by George, a bully. To take revenge, the two brothers invite George on a boat trip along the river with the excuse to celebrate a birthday with their friends. To the party are invited Clyde and Marty, Rocky's friends, and Millie, Sam's friend. From the beginning of the trip, however, they realize that George is a very lonely guy, who's looking desperately for attention and friendship. Sam decides to give up his plan but nature prevails and the group faces a series of events that will force all the guys to come to terms with the meaning of friendship and responsibility.
All actors – Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz, Trevor Morgan, Josh Peck, Carly Schroeder, Branden Williams, Raissa Fleming, Heath Lourwood, Ryan Peterson, Michael Fisher-Welsh, J.W. Crawford
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  • “- Marty Blank: I'm gonna drive to Mexico. What do you think?
    - Rocky Merrick: I don't know what to think.
    - Marty Blank: Well if you don't know what to think, then you probably shouldn't be making decisions.”

    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
    Trevor Morgan - Rocky Merrick
  • “With all the beers we were drinkin' naturally we had to take a piss. Now I don't know if you're hip, Millie, but when a guy pisses he has to hold his pisser in his hands.”
    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
    [Tag:drinking, need]
  • “- Marty Blank: Oh, it's cool. My mom gave me permission to drink and drive. You don't have to worry about it.
    - George Tooney: Your mom must be pretty stupid to let your drive inebriated.
    - Marty Blank: You're right, George. My mom is pretty stupid. In fact she's got one of those learning disability things.
    - George Tooney: Must be a pretty bad...” (continue)
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    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
    Josh Peck - George Tooney
  • “You know, when we graduate high school, and become doctors and lawyers and all that kind of stuff... what do you think it would be like?”
    Rory Culkin - Sam Merrick
    [Tag:future, maturity]
  • “I'm a man who likes to follow through with his plans.”
    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
  • “- Marty Blank: What do you guys say we play some Truth or Dare?
    - George Tooney: Yeah. Yeah, I love that game.
    - Marty Blank: Okay, let's do it.
    - Millie: No, let's not. People's feelings always end up hurt when we play this game.”

    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
    Josh Peck - George Tooney
    Carly Schroeder - Millie
    [Tag:feeling, pain, playing]
  • “If you could snap your fingers right now and he would drop dead in his tracks, would you do it?”
    Carly Schroeder - Millie
  • “Nothing beats a good piss in the river. Except of course a good ole romping session of a stupid, ugly, dumb, pathetic piece of shit.”
    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
  • “- Sam Merrik: What do you think's going to happen, Marty? Superman's gonna fly on Earth and turn back time?
    - Marty Blank: No, I don't think Superman's going to turn back time.”

    Rory Culkin - Sam Merrick
    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
  • “- Sam Merrick: I dare you to drop your pants, and your underwear, and show all of us that famous dick of yours for ten seconds.
    - Marty Blank: Okay. All right, I will show you... because I am proud of my boys.”

    Rory Culkin - Sam Merrick
    Scott Mechlowicz - Marty Blank
  • “Whoever didn't bring life jackets on a boattrip is a moron.”
    Josh Peck - George Tooney
  • “The inside of my mind has a zillion things about it but... people that don't see inside of my mind don't know there are a zillion things and... Y'know, since no one sees inside my mind, no one really knows. But... one day people will know. One day people will know 'cause that's my master plan. To film it all. To document every aspect of the life...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Josh Peck - George Tooney