“Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” quotes

Movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Title Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Original title Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
Year 1983
Director Nagisa Ôshima
Genre Drama, War
Plot – Java Island, 1942. A young Korean camp guard is forced to commit harakiri in front of prisoners and guards because he has raped a Dutch prisoner. The only prisoner who speaks Japanese is Major Lawrence and he is brutally beaten because he opposes to the atrocious ritual. The atmosphere in the camp is desperate and tense and its commander is Captain Yanoi, then there are Sergeant Hara, Colonel Hicksley and Major Jack Celliers, who adds more tension to the already difficult and inhuman life in the concentration camp.
All actors – David Bowie, Tom Conti, Ryûichi Sakamoto, Takeshi Kitano, Jack Thompson, Johnny Okura, Alistair Browning, James Malcolm, Chris Broun, Yûya Uchida, Ryûnosuke Kaneda, Takashi Naitô, Tamio Ishikura, Rokko Toura, Kan Mikami, Yûji Honma, Daisuke Iijima, Hideo Murota, Barry Dorking, Geoff Clendon, Grant Bridger, Richard Adams, Geoff Allen, Michael Baxter-Lax, Mark Berg, Marcus Campbell, Colin Francis, Richard Hensby, Richard Hoare, Martin Ibbertson, Rob Jayne, Richard Mills, Mark Penrose, Arthur Ranford, Steve Smith, Stephen Taylor, Richard Zimmerman, Ian Miller, Don Stevens, Yoichi Iijima, Satoshi Ito, Masaki Kusakabe, Kunihide Kuruma, Hiroshi Mikami, Akihiro Masuda, Tokuhisa Masuda, Takeshi Nagasawa, Takashi Odashima, Masanori Okada, Shoetsu Sato, Rintaro Shibata, Masamichi Shibasaki, Kaname Shimura, Kenzo Shirahama, Hisao Takeda, Hidenobu Togo, Atsuo Yamashita, Heiwa Yoshihara, Takeshi Yu, Rex Wilmshurst
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  • “It's your gods. It's your bloody, awful, stinking gods. They made you what you are. May they rot away in the filthy hell they came from!”

    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence
    [Tag:god, scorn]
  • “There are times when victory is very hard to take.”
    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence
  • “- Group Capt. Hicksley: You know you don't have to obey this man, Lawrence.
    - Colonel Lawrence: Well, I'm the liaison officer, so I'm liaising.”

    Jack Thompson - Group Capt. Hicksley
    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence
    [Tag:duty, obedience]
  • “- Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers: Why don't I have a defense council? Exactly what kind of trial are you giving me? This whole thing's a bloody farce.
    - President of the Court: The previous comments are to be struck from the protocol.”

    David Bowie - Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers
    Ryûnosuke Kaneda - President of the Court
    [Tag:injustice, trial]
  • “- Lt. Ito: Can you guess what I'm thinking?
    - Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers: Yes, I think so. Can you?”

    Kan Mikami - Lt. Ito
    David Bowie - Maj. Jack 'Strafer' Celliers
  • “They were a nation of anxious people and they could do nothing individually. So they went mad... en masse.”

    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence
  • “You are the victim of men who think they are right... Just as one day you and captain Yunoi believed absolutely that you were right. And the truth is of course that nobody is right.”
    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence
  • - Group Capt. Hicksley: What the hell's "Gyo"?
    - Colonel Lawrence: It's a Japanese word for laziness.
    - Group Capt. Hicksley: Laziness! Jesus Christ, what makes he...
    - Colonel Lawrence: Why don't you listen? He means spiritual laziness, and he believes that if he takes away the food and the water, then he also takes away the nourishment of... (continue)
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    Jack Thompson - Group Capt. Hicksley
    Tom Conti - Col. John Lawrence