“The Last Temptation of Christ” quotes

Movie The Last Temptation of Christ
Martin Scorsese directed this movie in 1988
Title The Last Temptation of Christ
Year 1988
Director Martin Scorsese
Genre Drama
Plot – Jesus of Nazareth, a young Jewish carpenter, is producing crosses on commission for the Roman invaders and is therefore considered a despicable collaborator by his people. He suffers from nightmares and he is struggling with a mysterious voice that makes him believe and doubt to be the son of God, sent to save mankind, a role he fears rather than embraces, and he therefore suffers from convulsions similar to an epileptic attack. After one of these attacks, he feels the need to confide in Mary Magdalene, a public sinner, as if to atone for the disgraceful service he renders to the Romans. However, he does not give in to the woman's enticements and withdraws in the desert. Fresh from the desert, he begins to preach that love for one's neighbor will save the world. Following his preaching, he saves Mary Magdalene from stoning, frowningly reproaching the stoners for their own personal faults. He then gathers a group of uncouth disciples, is baptized in the Jordan by a screaming and possessed John the Baptist and returns to the desert to better listen to the voice of God. There, a cobra, a lion and a kind of fatuous wriggling flame represent the "first temptations" suffered by the uncertain and vacillating man. Afterwards, he resumes his mission with more enthusiasm: he heals a blind man; he turns water into wine; he resurrects Lazarus; he expels the merchants from the Temple of Jerusalem and he makes a grotesque entrance to the city on a donkey, surrounded by a small group of cheering fanatics. He then manages to convince his disciple Judas to betray him so that he can find the strength to overcome his fear and thus carry out his mission. After performing a bloody ritual of sacrificial meal, he retires to the Garden of Olives, where again he feels doubtful and insecure. He is arrested thanks to the "faithful" Judah and is brought before Pilate, sentenced and tortured. He climbs up Golgotha, ​​carrying the cross, and he is crucified. While agonizing, he suffers a "last temptation", the work of a little girl-angel: a hallucination from being a tortured and dying in which he marries Mary Magdalene and they have children; after her death, he marries the sister of Lazarus and at the same time has a flirtation with her sister; he has a large family, grows old and on his deathbed, where he is harshly rebuked by Judas, he is surprised to realize that the innocent girl-angel is merely the final incarnation of Satan. After the hallucination, Jesus finds himself on the cross to die and be resurrected for the salvation of the world.
All actors – Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel, Paul Greco, Steve Shill, Verna Bloom, Barbara Hershey, Roberts Blossom, Barry Miller, Gary Basaraba, Irvin Kershner, Victor Argo, Michael Been
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