“Micki & Maude” quotes

Movie Micki & Maude
Blake Edwards directed this movie in 1984
Title Micki & Maude
Original title Micki + Maude
Year 1984
Director Blake Edwards
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Bob Salinger is a television journalist whose interviews are mostly boring and are more advertising than anything else. His wife Micki is a lawyer close to a politician who offers her a judgeship when he becomes State Governor. The two have been married for seven years, they love each other a lot, but - for lack of time - they have no children, even if Bob is longing to be a father. And so it comes to pass that, neglected by his famous wife, Bob gets a crush on Maude, a young cellist in a quartet who he interviewed.
All actors – Dudley Moore, Amy Irving, Ann Reinking, Richard Mulligan, George Gaynes, Wallace Shawn, John Pleshette, H.B. Haggerty, Lu Leonard, Priscilla Pointer, Robert Symonds, George Coe
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  • “- Nurse Mary Verbeck: The Salingers. They know I worship your body like a French cathedral.
    - Dr. Elliot Fibel: I don't care who knows, Mary. You're my woman and I'm your man! Never the less, if they can keep a secret, so can I.”

    Lu Leonard - Nurse Mary Verbeck
    Wallace Shawn - Dr. Elliot Fibel
  • “- Maude Salinger: Come on, Gorilla, kill that son of a bitch!
    - Rob Salinger: Gorilla Muldoon, is your father?
    - Maude Salinger: That's not his real name.”

    Amy Irving - Maude Salinger
    Dudley Moore - Rob Salinger
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  • “- Rob Salinger: I don't want to divorce, Micki, I just want to marry Maude.
    - Leo Brody: You can't have your cake and eat it too.
    - Rob Salinger: I've been with her for ten years. I can't give them up just like that. And it's have your cake and eat it too.”

    Dudley Moore - Rob Salinger
    Richard Mulligan - Leo Brody
  • “I'm fine, except for some incredibly painful spasms which let me know that there is a God, and He's a sexist pig!”

    Amy Irving - Maude Salinger
    [Tag:god, pain]
  • “Oh, my God. You look like someone just took out all your blood and replaced it with milk.”

    Richard Mulligan - Leo Brody
    [Tag:appearance, blood]
  • “God, I'm so hungover, my head feels like a tuning fork.”
    Dudley Moore - Rob Salinger
  • “Come on, Micki, just one child. A small one.”
    Dudley Moore - Rob Salinger
  • “- Micki Salinger: I'll need a phone.
    - Admissions Clerk: A phone in the labor room?
    - Micki Salinger: Yes, and I don't suppose I could have a stenographer in the labor room?”

    Ann Reinking - Micki Salinger
    Hanna Hertelendy - Admissions Clerk