“Curse of the Pink Panther” quotes

Movie Curse of the Pink Panther
Blake Edwards directed this movie in 1983
Title Curse of the Pink Panther
Year 1983
Director Blake Edwards
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Plot – French brilliant Inspector Clouseau has mysteriously disappeared after the theft of a diamond called the "Pink Panther". One year later, Inspector Dreyfus is tasked to find it abd to assign the hard task in turn to a cop chosen by a computer. The machine gives the name of a weak and bumbling cop of New York, Clift Sleigh. He arrives and begins the investigations, but he's threatened by the Mafia. Billionaire Sir Charles Litton tells Sleigh that Clouseau had been in Valencia, so he travels there, then he goes to Majorca and on the island Sleigh learns Clouseau had participated in the robbery of the Pink Panther. Finally Clouseau is declared dead and Dreyfus can finally get rid of the American policeman.
All actors – David Niven, Robert Wagner, Herbert Lom, Joanna Lumley, Capucine, Robert Loggia, Harvey Korman, Burt Kwouk, Ted Wass, Roger Moore, Leslie Ash, Graham Stark
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  • “Don't kiss him too hard, his lips might fall off.”

    Tim Wylton - Doctor
    [Tag:kiss, lips]
  • “- Countess Chandra: How much?
    - Gino Rossi: Six million.
    - Countess Chandra: But that's ridiculous.
    - Gino Rossi: It's at least worth thirty.
    - Countess Chandra: It'll have to be split with at least forty percent of it.”

    Joanna Lumley - Countess Chandra
    Christopher Reich - Gino Rossi
    [Tag:jewels, price]
  • - Sir Charles Litton: I seem to be missing a glove.
    - Lady Simone Litton: "Always leave something for something" is my motto. What's yours?
    - Sir Charles Litton: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth".
    - George Lytton: I'll drink to that.

    David Niven - Sir Charles Litton
    Capucine - Lady Simone Litton
  • “- Taxi Driver: Maybe they're trying to kill me. Who would want to kill me? No, no, it couldn't be my wife, she doesn't drive.
    - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh: Well, whoever it is you gotta try and lose them.
    - Taxi Driver: When somebody's shooting at you, you gotta do better than trying.”

    William Hootkins - Taxi Driver
    Ted Wass - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh
    [Tag:danger, killing]
  • - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh: I'm investigating...
    - Prof. Auguste Balls: Of course you're investigating! You're a policeman. I knew that the moment you walked into my emporium: your courage, your alertness, the way your eyes take in everything. I immediately said to myself "Balls, this is a policeman's policeman".

    Ted Wass - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh
    Harvey Korman - Prof. Auguste Balls
  • “- Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau: You don't have to tell me I am smoking the wrong end. Do you know why I am smoking the wrong end?
    - Countess Chandra: No darling, but I'm sure you've got a very good reason.
    - Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau: You're right! I am smoking on the wrong end because I have a very good reason.”

    Sir Roger Moore - Clouseau
    Joanna Lumley - Countess Chandra
    [Tag:mistake, smoking]
  • “- Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau: We have not been properly introduced. You of course know who I am.
    - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh: Sergeant Sleigh.
    - Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau: No, I am not Sergeant Sleigh.
    - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh: No, I am Sergeant Sleigh.
    - Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau: Oh yes! Now we are getting somewhere.”

    Sir Roger Moore - Clouseau
    Ted Wass - Sergeant Clifton Sleigh
    [Tag:meeting, name]